Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Teen Mom 2

I'm going to be completely honest. I didn't/don't watch shows like MTV's Teen Mom for several reasons. Reasons ranging from I have no TV (a preference), I LIVE it and because I don't agree with how the girls act/ are portrayed.
Kailyn Lowry and I 

However, a months ago a got ane-mail in my inbox asking if I would like to be a part of MTV's Teen Mom 2 After-show taping. Of course I would! Lol. I was super excited to be selected for several reasons but above all to be able to meet some of these girls and see if they come across differently in person. In the back of my mind I was also worried about how the input I had to share would be edited or handled by MTV.

I used to think that the girls on the show were all spoiled little bitches that gave teen moms a horrible name and yet again I was BOLDLY corrected. After watching some of the footage for the upcoming season of Teen Mom 2 I began to change my mind and more importantly, open it!

The worst thing I was doing was judging these girls solely based on how they came across on the show, which I never watched. While I was in the audience with several other teen moms from all over the country and the cast of Teen Mom 2 I realized something; I'm doing to these girls what all of society does to me. I was judging them with out reason, with out knowing them and knowing where they come from.
Now I'm not saying that the cast of Teen Mom 2 is full of angles that do no wrong and that the girls are the best and coolest people in the world because I don't know them that well to say this nor do I agree with that statement. What I am saying is, in reality, these girls are not that different from me and my life as a teen mom. While I sat there and watched footage I realized that I could relate to every single one of the girls stories and struggles, why? Because we are all teen moms and although our lives a very different we all walked and are walking similar paths.
(After speaking to all the girls I was pleasantly surprised at how personable they were and listened to what we had to say and our input)

Leah Messer and I 
I also felt that MTV was biased and only showed the bad parts of being a Teen Mom, which lets face it is what most of America tunes in to see. Then I remembered that being a teen mom ISN'T always EASY, FUN or PLEASANT. I feel and people often tell me that I have come a LONG way from where I was as a 15 year old mom with a three day old daughter but the path that led to where I am today was F-cking HARD, NOT EASY, WASN'T ALWAYS FUN OR PLEASANT. In fact it was and has been full with A LOT of fear, tears, relationships lost, unhealthy relationships and trail and error.

I used to also believe that shows like Teen Mom and Teen Mom 2 glamorize the life of a teen mom. WRONG again! Anyone that watches the show and thinks "That's the life I want for myself." NEEDS TO seek the help and guidance of a licensed medical health professional right away!

Don't get me wrong the girls are compensated for their work and some reportedly earn up to six figures a show. To any body, especially a teen, being on TV and earning big bucks does look and sound great.

 I just don't see how ANY ONE can watch these shows and say that's the life they want.

In the end I'm not saying that being a teen mom is always horrible or always great. I'm saying that it has it's ups and downs and in the beginning it can be riddled with A LOT of downs. However, just like anything in life if you want to change your situation you will.
I'm not saying that the girls on Teen Mom 2 are all good or all bad I'm saying they're human! Often times teen moms get more flack for doing something young when "adult" parents can do the same thing but it's "okay because they are parents."
Then lastly I'm not saying that MTV is completely horrible and makes the girls look horrible they are simply putting a story out there that is NOT always great and sadly that's what people want to see.

So what the hell am I saying?! My way of thinking towards Teen Mom shows and the cast of Teen Mom 2 has definitely changed!