Tuesday, January 31, 2012

11 Months of Awesome

I don't believe in New Year Resolutions, I feel that they are a waste of time and when we don't reach them we use our "failure" to punish ourselves in, yet again, another way.
I believe that 30 day/ month goals are better, you feel the sense of self satisfaction even sooner and then you feel like you can take on your next goal.

So instead of resolutions and in an effort to revive the spirit of my other blog http://myfirstyearnyc.blogspot.com/, where I tried doing something for the FIRST TIME EVERYDAY! (Personally I think I got pretty far being that I had NO money, was new to the city, started school, after a one year break, and Leilani started school.)

Anyhow, for the next 11 Months I invite all of you to embark with me on the 11 Months of Awesome Challenge... although it's not really a challenge... lol. Just us trying new things and expanding our horizons a bit more.

Each month, starting in February, I will pick a theme and go with it. Along with the theme of the month I will have a GIVEAWAY every month that goes along with our theme!

A few examples of a theme might be:
New Music in April- where I will be on the prowl to diversify my musical library. The giveaway for that month might be a iTunes gift card. 
Fresh Fruit in June- where I would pick a new fruit I have never tried each week or bi-weekly and try eating it in new and exciting ways. The giveaway for that month might be a fruit cook book or something along those line. 

One of the things I truly feel life is about is trying new things, foods and experiences. I want to take you all along on my months of awesomeness and reward you all for trying with me as well!

Stay tuned for the February Theme of the Month!!!