Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The Day of the Event!

This post is part of a series of post about the First Annual Orlando Teen Mom event. You can read the previous post here, here and here

Here it was the day of the event! I couldn't believe it! I was so anxious and surprised that I wasn't a nervous wreck.

I rolled out of bed cleared my throat and realized... I HAD NO VOICE! Yeah... you read that right NO VOICE. The day of my event, the day of all days where I really did need to talk and I had no voice. So what did I do? Nothing. I went back to WalMart- UGH and whispered my way around the store asking where certain things were.
Yup just like that. ^

I got home and was feeling awfully sick and when my family realized I had no voice they flipped out. I gargled salt water, vinegar, drunk hot lemon with honey, tea, basically ANYTHING you could think of. Finally I went to me nephews room put a scarf over my head, laid down and fell asleep.

After the wonderful nap, drool and all, I took a shower and realized I had a voice!!! Not a very big one but a had a VOICE!! The show could go on!

I picked up the food from Sweet Tomatoes and was off to the BETA Center to start setting up.

Upon arrival I met with Mrs. Matos and got to meet her lovely family.

My sister and I decorated, I ran around like a crazy person for a little bit, then Ylla, Joscelyn, Tani and Tracy, another friend of Ylla's, arrived. Tracy and Yulisa had a bunch of donations for the girls and families at the BETA Center!

The night was off starting off on a great note!