Monday, January 30, 2012

First Day of Class

Today was the first day of my second semester of college at Baruch.  I'm basically in school all day, taking four courses.

Last night, while I was in bed, I realized one important thing, I had no school supplies. Lol. Luckily I had an old notebook that still had paper in it and took that with me.

For taking four courses in one day it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be, however, today was only the first day.

Anyhow, I realize I'm rambling so here is basically what my day was like today.

  1. I forgot my lunch and ended up buying some extremely greasy food which I regret.
  2. I realize I will be doing A LOT of reading this semester. I have to read 8 plays in my theater class, 4 weekly readings in one of my major courses and 2-4 weekly readings in another one of my major courses.
  3. I want to join the Undergrad Student Government.
  4. I should really go to the IT department and have them fix the email on my phone.

Thank goodness my job isn't too demanding so I can study while at work.

I know not too interesting and much too thin for the usual post I do but I'm on the subway between two grown men in puffy jackets and trying not to fall asleep. :)

Have a good day. Thank you for reading.