Monday, January 16, 2012

Food and Small Businesses

This is the follow up post the this one.

After finding two great speakers I was on the quest to find small businesses to introduce the Teen Moms to and vis versa.

Small businesses are amazing! These people have the courage to put their dreams into reality and hope for the best, you can't not commend that!

After searching online I found Amaya Papaya and Escape 2 Create.

I called both businesses and had the pleasure of meeting both businesses owners, Yolando at Amaya Papaya and Julie at Escape 2 Create. After explaining to them the purpose of the event they were instantly on board!

They both provided coupons for the girls to take their families to their businesses and enjoy themselves!

At this point I was so overjoyed and humbled by the outpouring amount of support and help from all of these people, businesses and organizations! It really bought something out of me that I had been working on all year:
Asking for Help. 

I am  was not someone that asked for help, AT ALL, but then I got over my shit and started asking. I still have problems asking for help but while calling around and sending emails to prospective businesses and organizations I realized that asking for help is a process, you can't make a character change over night.

The next major hurdle was getting food for the event. After calling and emailing several small businesses I   was at the end of my calling list and starting to stress. I decided to pull myself away from all the planning and go get my eyebrows done. While I was at the spa getting my browns done my friend and eyebrow technician referred me to Sweet Tomatoes . Lo' and behold I called I asked and I received!

I literally DANCED in the middle of the barber shop (I was getting my hair cut when I got the confirmation call) out of joy!

Here I was planning this GREAT event and had not hit ONE problem in the process, I could not believe it! The next thing there was to do was make goodie bags and enjoy the event!