Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Last Minute Things

Read the two previous post about the process of planning the event here and here.

I decided I wanted to put together a goodie bag for all of the girls that attend the event. Why, because we're Teen Moms and we're awesome! :)

After going to the place I loath the most, WalMart, and getting basic things like plates and stuff I realized that I had absolutely NO decorations for the venue and no money left.... Again, I didn't stress, which I'm surprisingly getting pretty good at, I knew it would work itself out.

While my sisters helped me pack the goodie bags with coupons, giveaways from Nemours Children's Hospital, on behalf of Yusila Ramirez. Wonderful trial packs and starter kits from Rephresh, on behalf of Kristin Bryan and more giveaways and information from Planned Parenthood of Central Florida, on behalf of Lisa Murano. I had to take a step back and realize all of the support from Central Florida's community.

The next morning, and the day before the event, I was on Facebook chat with my sister and telling her how the planning for the event was going. I told her that everything was going GREAT and all that was left to get was the decorations... but I had no way of buying them... Lol and that I wasn't worried because "it will work itself out"... lol. She replied that I was crazy and that she would love to give me the money I needed to help out.

Again back to the help thing, I didn't want to take her money. Call me crazy but when I get help from my family I feel like I'm using them. I didn't want to take the money but after her telling me to get over my crap, she didn't say it like that, and me getting over my crap I accepted.

In retrospect, while I was going through all of the motions to plan the event I didn't fully realize how amazing the amount of support was and now, literally right now, while typing this I am blown away.

The power of ASKING is AMAZING! I know that often times as human beings, mothers and Teen Moms we don't want to ask for help because of whatever irrational reason. However, when you let go and start asking for help so many wonderful and amazing things happen.