Friday, January 20, 2012

Those "princesses" are going DOWN!

It's no surprise that I hate the Disney Princesses , you may have read my first rant about Disney's Tangled. Some people think I'm crazy and others agree with me completely.

Today, while I was on the subway on the way to work, I love saying that, I saw a headline in a local free newspaper that read : "Raising a daughter in the age of the princess." I really wanted to read the article but someone else was reading that paper and I got off before I could ask to see the piece.
When I got off the subway by LUCK there was a stand with the paper that the passenger was reading on the train. I grabbed a paper and was off to work. After I got off I pulled the paper from my bag and was delighted to find that someone agrees with me so much, and many other mothers,  that they actually wrote a book about the "princess effect."
Dr, Jen Hartstein Psyd wrote “Princess Recovery: A How-To Guide to Raising Strong, Empowered Girls Who Can Create Their Own Happily Ever Afters”. Obviously a book with a HUGE title. lol

The article explains how girls are drilled from an early age, 2 and up, that being a "princess" and not using their intelligence is desirable and essential to attract a handsome man, that will save them of course.

Some parents go as far as discouraging their daughters from explore "un-girly" things like... oh I don't know... MATH and SCIENCE!

Dr. Hartstein gives advice on how to offset the "princess effect" by first and foremost: watching what your allowing your kids to watch.

After peeking inside the book on Amazon I was SHOCKED, APPALLED and SAD to see that girls as young as three suffer from weight insecurities and that the number of eating disorders in children under the age of 12 has risen 119% over the last few years.
Still think the Disney Princesses are harmless, fun loving, role models for young girls?

I haven't read Dr. Hartstein's book but hope to buy it when I get the money to be able to.
It's refreshing to know that licensed medical health professionals are aware of this princess crap and helping parents off set it.

If you'd like to read the article here it is.
If you'd like to see or get a copy of the book here is the link to Amazon.