Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Fitness February Give Away!!

Although the last day of Fitness February has come that does not mean its time to STOP working out, in fact it means that I will be looking for new and fun fitness things to share which means more and more tips and post will be coming!

Staying true to the 11 Months of Awesome and having a different theme every month I will announcing March's theme... tomorrow!
However, I finally decided on what the giveaway for Fitness February will be!!

Over the summer I did this DVD work out with my sisters for a little and could feel a difference every time I did it. My sisters and their friend swore they could see a difference and I can honestly say that I saw a difference in their physique as well. So with out further ado the giveaway for the first month of the 11 Months of Awesome will be Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred DVD!!!

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That's it! 
The deadline to enter the giveaway is MARCH 15th!

Making Home Made Ice Cream

This post is originally from my other blog

To conclude Fitness February make some homemade ice cream!!!

Today I made homemade ice cream for the first time ever!

It was a lot of shaking basically and considering I made 2 1/2 batches, 1 for each child and 1/2 one for me because it didn't turn out right, I think I burned more than enough calories :)

Making homemade ice cream is something that I've wanted to do since I was a kid and I finally found out how to do it and did it! The process is really easy and I just used Youtube and How Cast to instruct me on where to get started.
The only things you need are:
  • Plastic bags(2)
  • Milk
  • Sugar
  • Ice
  • Salt
  • any flavor that you want to add
After combining some of the ingredients you shake for what feels like FOREVER and then enjoy!

My home made vanilla ice cream !

The ice cream batches that I made for the kids came out great but mine, strawberry, didn't come out too well. I think its because I doubled the ingredients and was tired and my arms hurt from all the shaking. Instead I settled for an authentic shake, since I shook it, get it... lol, with cut up strawberries in it and it was actually really good.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Fitness Fairy

If you had a fitness fairy godmother and you could only ask her for one thing chances are you'd ask her for the same thing I'd ask for, a six pack/ abs/slim tummy.

For some reason my genetics thought it would be funny to give me a fat tummy. Before I had Leilani and was actively going to track practice I still had a fat pouch on the bottom of my stomach. In fact it doesnt matter how skinny or fit I get my stomach still looks fat. (The last part might be all in my head but I swear its true!) After switching to vegetarianism the pouch has greatly reduced but it's still there.

All my life it never mattered how many sit-ups or crunches I'd do it was still the same. After getting tired of doing that I did the only logical thing a girl could do, I Googled.

Upon Googling I found my fitness fairy, total body workouts.
Basically I found two key things that would help me get my six pack abs.
Total body work outs and weights.

Lifting weights creates an after burn effect so after you are done working out and lifting, the muscle you are developing burns the fat you don't want.

Then the biggest trigger to a six pack abs is total body workouts. Anatomically the placement of your stomachs is harder to reach. Think about it, every other part of your body can be isolated and worked out individually execept your stomach.

This is why total body workouts are essential. They target your WHOLE BODY. No part is left out and the best part is your whole body is getting a workout. While doing total body workouts you are targeting your arms, legs, butt and stomach all at once!

Since I started doing total body workouts and weights I have seen a huge difference in my body. It's not as tone as I would like but it's not as fatty which is much more important to me!

Below is a video of some of the Total Body Work outs I like to do. Warning this girls body will make you dizzy and the work out is A LOT harder than it looks. Lol 

Please be advised and remember I am not licensed to give any fitness and or nutritious advice. All advice is to be used at your own discretion.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

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What Did You Do on Saturday Night?

What did you do on Saturday night?
Oh... you know, went to an Argentinean Tango Milonga in the Empire State Building. I'm not joking. It was AMAZING!

A Milonga is basically a huge Tango party where people who dance Tango get together and dance until 3:30am! My Tango instructor invited all of us to this Milonga as a way to see Tango live, in action and learn from observing. Being that I have only taken two classes and I'm still very new to it I felt that seeing a live groups of intermediate, advanced and professional Tango dancers would be a great way to learn.

Well imagine my surprise when I was asked to dance! I kindly told the gentleman no thank you and explained that I was a complete beginner. He said, No Problem! Next thing I knew I was stepping on toes, tense and on the dance floor. He told me to relax and don't think. I closed my eyes, relaxed, didn't think and then it felt like I was FLOATING on air! It was SO AMAZING and EXHILARATING! By the end of the three songs I had danced much better than I did on the first!

This is a video if the place I went to on Saturday night. This was not the performance I watched though.

I walked back to the group I was with and they told me I did I great job! (I'm sure they were just being very kind.) Then My instructor came over and said that she saw me dancing and I did good too!

I danced one more time with another gentlemen but all in all I had a great time and CAN NOT WAIT UNTIL THE NEXT CLASS!

This video is my instructor and her partner and the USA Tango Championship. Another interesting fact is Tango is ALL IMPROVISED! They had no rehearsed this before. 

Friday, February 17, 2012

Why Worry...

You may or may not know that I am a worrier. I worrier about everything. In fact at Leilani's 3rd birthday I was having anxiety about her starting school... in ... Two more years. I know ridiculous. Lol.

Lately I've been very worried about when I will graduate.
I always said I wanted my Masters degree by 25 and after going to an advisement appointment that goal was shattered and shot to hell, so naturally I started bugging out and feeling like a failure.

I was told that I couldn't double minor in what I wanted, Mandarin and English, and that I had to take one full year of a 'foreign' language. I immediately got a piece of paper and pen and started mapping out the rest of my college career. I was meticulously planning how many courses to take in which semester, when to take these courses and essentially trying to lessen the amount of time I would be in school to reach my goal of having my Masters by 25.

After doing all of that, talking to my sister and returning to a logical way of thinking I realized several things.
  • After graduating high school I enrolled to college a semester late
  • I had to take a year off of school due to moving across the country and several life altering events 
  • When I arrived in NYC I had to learn how to be this "new person"-a single mom in the city
The most important thing that I realized was, I'm literally CHOOSING to stress myself out. It doesn't matter how many flow charts I make, how much I whine, sulk and lie to myself about my capabilities I will not have my Masters by 25 because that's just how it is.

When I first moved here my father sat me down and told me something. He told me "maybe you trying to rush your life is part of the reason why you are in the situation you are right now." Sounds harsh, no? But he was right! Don't get me wrong I do not regret or dislike my life in the slightest but maybe rushing is why so many people in life feel like they haven't accomplished as much as they would have hoped or why some people are all over the place, both emotionally and physically.

I had to tell myself that the fact that I am obtaining my Bachelor of Science degree is an accomplishment and the fact that I am even considering getting my Masters is an accomplishment as well!

A few weeks later after talking to some friends of mine I realized that although I will not have my Masters by 25 I could actually have it by 26! Exciting right? I'm not going to lie me realizing that was pretty exciting but what was more exciting was acknowledging that I am in one of the best colleges in the country in the best city in the world.
Why the hell am I rushing?

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Tango Class

As promised and part of the 11 Months of Awesome I went to a class to diversify my work out.

I love dance. Any type of dance. One dance I have been wanting to learn, like many others, is the Tango. So imagine my delight when I was walking to work on Friday and saw a flyer for Tango lessons for FREE provided by a campus club! One of my friends and I went to the class together and had a blast!

Watching Tango it looks incredibly hard, like any type of dance you're not knowledgeable in, but the way the instructor broke it down to simple steps truly helped. The best tip I took away from the class was close your eyes. It sounds crazy right!
Like most couples dance the man leads in Tango, which I need to work on letting happen, and closing your eyes and letting your partner guide you is necessary.
At first thought I thought the instructor was crazy with such a tip but once she became my partner I closed my eyes and to my surprise I did good!

  • I didn't step on anyone the whole class!
  • I had fun!
  • I had time for myself, which I rarely get.
  • The best part was I got a great leg/ cardio work out!

Tango is about taking confidence in the male and moving your legs! (The latter which I'm better at.)

I learned a few steps and will be going back this Friday. I also realized that wearing heels while dancing Tango actually makes it easier. In Tango the women is the one that goes backwards and she does so with ice skating like steps that are led by her butt and hips. Heels make is easier to have your butt "lead" so to speak.

All in all I'm very excited that I went to the classes and I'm even more excited to learn some more Tango!

Friday, February 10, 2012

Nice Teeth... Nice Butt

As you may have read before I have small boobs. I have grown to love them and part of the reason being that I've always liked my butt better. Lol.

After having Leilani and fluctuating in weight my butt was weird looking.
Just like simple things like wearing ankle weights can make a difference, standing glute lifts can too!

Glute lifts are a simple exercise that can be done anywhere and anytime. Every morning we all roll out of bed and start our morning routine which consist of brushing our teeth.

This is your first opportunity to give your butt that extra boost we want.

While you stand at the bathroom sink brushing your teeth do ten glute lifts on each side. Remember that our glute muscles have sides. Although our butts on the outside appear to be one muscle it actually have different 'parts' that make it up. I think of it as the "big part" and the sides. (Not too scientific I admit)

After doing ten glute lifts, straight back, turn to the side and do ten more glute lifts to the side. By the time you are done brushing your teeth you're also done with you glute (butt) work-out for the morning or day!

Another great opportunity to take advantage of doing glute lifts is when doing dishes, laundry or you just find yourself standing for some random reason (which I find myself doing sometimes.)

After a week or so of doing glute lifts every morning, or in the evening while doing dishes, you'll realize that it becomes habit!

Don't think those "little" glute lifts will make a big difference then put on your ankle weights to add a bit more of a challenge!
Remember if you do more glute lifts on one side than the other you might end up with an 'uneven' booty. lol

Below is an example on how to do correct glute lifts, however, this specific video is for pregnant women. When I do my glute lifts I do balance on my own... since I'm not pregnant.

Please be remember that I am not licensed to give any fitness, nutrition and or medical advice. 

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

How I Learned to Put Myself First

People often ask me how do I do it all. School, work, blogging, being a mother and finding time for myself.

My initial response, although it sounds cocky, is: It's what I do.
I have been a mother since the age of 15. At that time I was still going to school - in honors and AP classes, working, a fiance, mother, step-mom and a chorus and drama student.
I learned early on through SEVERAL and MULTIPLE trial and ERRORS that the only way to "make it work" is to plan, make list and above else, demand me time. 

After my daughter was born I was ALL about her. I remember I wouldn't eat, drink, shower or sleep out of fear that she would need me. A few weeks into this horrible cycle I would wake up and feel like I had a lapse in time. Somehow or another I just lost minutes from the day and had no way to account for them. It wasn't until one day when I was in the dinning room peeling potatoes and Leilani's father was in the living room with her that I learned what was going on.

I felt someone shaking me by my shoulder and saying "Baby?, Baby?" I opened my eyes and Leilani's father was staying over me with a look of worry stamped across his face. I looked down at my hand a realized I was still holding the knife I was using to peel the potatoes and then I realized I was slumped over on the wall.
I had passed out! Right there! Right in the middle of peeling potatoes. In the middle of a conversation with him. 

To put it mildly I was scared as HELL!

I was neglecting myself so much that I wasn't even aware of the fact that my body was literally shutting down in the middle of the day, multiple times a day, from a mixture of exhaustion, malnutrition and being over worked.

I guess Leilani's father must have told my mother about my little episode because when she came home she talked to me about the importance of eating. I lied and told her I was eating and of course she knew I was lying. Then she said the only thing that got me to stop depleting myself.

She told me "If you don't  sit down and eat a REAL meal, everyday, at least TWICE a day you're not feeding your daughter." I must have given her a what the 'hell are you talking about,' look she continued, "You're breast feeding. Everything you eat, all of vitamins and minerals that you take in go into your breast milk. This is what makes your breast milk fulfilling to Leilani. Without eating REAL and HEALTHY food all your feeding her from your breast is basically water."

I couldn't believe it. This is why Leilani was so hungry and was always wanting to breast feed no matter how long she would breast feed. My habits were not producing healthy, nutritious and full-filling milk for her. In neglecting myself for her I thought I was helping her but in reality I wasn't even feeding her.

This was my first, and by far not the last, lesson in learning to put myself first. 

Unless you take care of you! You are not taking care of your child(ren).
Think about it. Who is responsible for the well being of your child(ren)? You, obviously. 
If something happens to you who will be able to take care of your child(ren) as good as you? No one. So if you let yourself go and don't take care of yourself, are you truly taking are of your child? NOPE. 

Think about it for a minute. Realize that by taking care of you everything else will and does fall into place. You will no longer be extra cranky, tired, or upset because you are taking care of you and in turn taking care of your family.

Friday, February 3, 2012

Ankle Weights

My first goal is to revert back to my lazy fitness. What is my lazy fitness you might ask...

Well, you know those days that you stay inside and do nothing... like absolutely nothing? Or those days where you have to do ALL of the house work, like cooking, cleaning every room in the house, mop, sweep, do laundry and whatever else you realize you have to due? Well my way to not exercise on those days or to boost up my legs a bit more is wear ankle weights as I do all of this.

I literally strap on my ankle weights and do everything like I usually do. The difference is I have more weight on my ankles which makes me work a little bit harder. Now i'm not a doctor or fitness instructor or anything but I don't have to be to know that I feel better about doing nothing when I have my ankle weights on. If you have stairs in your house then this is even better! You're "doing stairs" with ankle weights on! Its AWESOME!
Have you seen this commercial?

This is where the lazy ankle weight fitness get a bit more challenging. 

Who likes to wear Yoga pants and do nothing all day? I do! There is something about walking around in fitness clothing and tricking people into thinking you're some type of super health work out machine mama that I like. Not only is it fun but they are SO comfortable!
Next time you go to the grocery store, gas station or go pick up your child from daycare or school then throw on your wonderful lazy yoga pants and put your ankle weights on underneath. While you walk around the grocery store buying *cough couch* healthy food. You'll be adding a little more workout to your daily routine. PLEASE do NOT drive with ankle weights on. I've never done this but I'm sure it's not safe.

Please be advised and remember I am not licensed to give any fitness, nutritious advice. All advice is to be used at your discretion.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

My Weight Story

Before I got pregnant I was 110 pounds by the time I went into labor I was almost 200 pounds! All that weight gain was insanely unhealthy and still, to this day, I have NO IDEA where it all came from! Leilani was a averaged size baby, 7 pounds. Mind you, during my WHOLE pregnancy I would throw UP EVERYTHING! Fruit, vegetables, grains, water, ice cream, everything!
Well... she would allow my to eat steak and vegetables with no problem...

Part of the 'Why the Hell am I so Big Mystery' was solved when I was in delivery room and (graphic) I was still leaking copious amounts of water. I guess my habit of eating kosher dill pickles and eating whole heads of lettuce with vinegar and salt had caused me to pack on pounds and pounds of water.

After delivering Leilani I struggled for the first few weeks of her life with still having the awkward deflated but not really deflated kangaroo pouch. Breast feeding, still walking to and from the bus stop everyday and not eating slowly got rid of my pouch.
Fast forward a few years later when Leilani was 3, my best friend (whom is a male) bluntly told me I was "too dam big.' I was shocked he said such a thing but the fact that him and I had been friends since the 6th grade I had to take his observation into account. I went home looked in the mirror, stepped on the scale and then fainted. (a little bit) I was 167 pounds! 30 pounds away from my 9 MONTH PREGNANT weight, THREE YEARS after having Leilani. Not cute, not good and after looking at my eating habits NOT HEALTHY! The mistake I was making was eating like I was STILL PREGNANT!

We, my little family, and I would have weekend barbecues. Complete with pork, potato salad, steak, buttery corn, corn bread, mac and cheese and of course tons and tons of barbeque sauce. I just realized right now that I didn't eat ANY vegetables. AT ALL! So on top of whatever horrible eating habits I held over the week I would pig out ALL weekend! I cringe as I type this.

I began to take my friends "you're too dam big" comment to heart. Everywhere I looked I realized I was too dam big and too dam unhealthy. I no longer wore MY white T's to bed but Leilani's father's bigger white T's. My closet full of clothes that used to have little tags that said "S" or "M" on them now said "L" and even some "XL"!

I decided enough was enough and got on a diet, only I didn't call it a diet I called it a lifestyle change. I began doing this really strange thing call portioning my meals and not eating ANY barbeque sauce!
I also began to do something I used to do very often, EXERCISE! As the weeks rolled along I began to realize my "XL's" no longer fit and some of my "L's" were TOO BIG! After a bit more time my weight would roll back from 167t to 155 to 145 to eventually a SHOCKING 135!

Don't get me wrong it wasn't easy! I would literally come home from school CRYING because I waned to eat! I would cry because all of the food my body was used to consuming was being replaced with GAS and of course I wouldn't just fart or burp in the middle of class so I had trapped gas in my body, which hurts like a ___. Now I know, understand and sympathize with babies with colic. Trapped gas stuck in your body hurts worse than anything!

I'm still constantly aware of what I eat! You must be! Not only for yourself but also for your child(ren). If you are cooking and feeding your body CRAP what you are giving to your child(ren)? CRAP and showing them through your actions that eating unhealthy food is good for you.

I LOVE this and couldn't resist.
Today I am proud to say that I have NO IDEA how much I weight but I know I feel and look GREAT! I know that Leilani is learning how to eat healthy. And I love being a vegetarian!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

FItness February

Here it is our FIRST THEME of the 11 Months of Awesome Challenge!

Fitness February!!
We all know that Summer is around the corner and one of the most common New Years Resolutions is:
Let me clearly state that by exercise I DO NOT MEAN- Get Skinny!
I don't want to get any skinnier, in fact I want to get BIGGER. No not "thick" or "juicy" I mean muscle.
During this month I will be sharing some of my tips and tricks to fit more exercise into our already packed days, trying new ways of working out and would love to hear any of your tips!

I exercise at home about 5 times and just like everyone else I get BORED, LAZY and "too tired."
I don't take any classes or do workout videos. In an effort to diversify my work outs, this month I will try both classes and videos and then of course give my QUICK fitness tips that I use when I don't feel like dong anything. 
Trust me when I say quick, I mean QUICK.

I choose fitness as this months theme because... February IS THE SHORTEST MONTH OF THE YEAR. I'm slick right! 

Please be advised and remember that I am not licensed to give any fitness, nutrition and or medical advice. All of hints, tips and suggested are taken at your own risk.