Friday, February 3, 2012

Ankle Weights

My first goal is to revert back to my lazy fitness. What is my lazy fitness you might ask...

Well, you know those days that you stay inside and do nothing... like absolutely nothing? Or those days where you have to do ALL of the house work, like cooking, cleaning every room in the house, mop, sweep, do laundry and whatever else you realize you have to due? Well my way to not exercise on those days or to boost up my legs a bit more is wear ankle weights as I do all of this.

I literally strap on my ankle weights and do everything like I usually do. The difference is I have more weight on my ankles which makes me work a little bit harder. Now i'm not a doctor or fitness instructor or anything but I don't have to be to know that I feel better about doing nothing when I have my ankle weights on. If you have stairs in your house then this is even better! You're "doing stairs" with ankle weights on! Its AWESOME!
Have you seen this commercial?

This is where the lazy ankle weight fitness get a bit more challenging. 

Who likes to wear Yoga pants and do nothing all day? I do! There is something about walking around in fitness clothing and tricking people into thinking you're some type of super health work out machine mama that I like. Not only is it fun but they are SO comfortable!
Next time you go to the grocery store, gas station or go pick up your child from daycare or school then throw on your wonderful lazy yoga pants and put your ankle weights on underneath. While you walk around the grocery store buying *cough couch* healthy food. You'll be adding a little more workout to your daily routine. PLEASE do NOT drive with ankle weights on. I've never done this but I'm sure it's not safe.

Please be advised and remember I am not licensed to give any fitness, nutritious advice. All advice is to be used at your discretion.