Thursday, February 2, 2012

My Weight Story

Before I got pregnant I was 110 pounds by the time I went into labor I was almost 200 pounds! All that weight gain was insanely unhealthy and still, to this day, I have NO IDEA where it all came from! Leilani was a averaged size baby, 7 pounds. Mind you, during my WHOLE pregnancy I would throw UP EVERYTHING! Fruit, vegetables, grains, water, ice cream, everything!
Well... she would allow my to eat steak and vegetables with no problem...

Part of the 'Why the Hell am I so Big Mystery' was solved when I was in delivery room and (graphic) I was still leaking copious amounts of water. I guess my habit of eating kosher dill pickles and eating whole heads of lettuce with vinegar and salt had caused me to pack on pounds and pounds of water.

After delivering Leilani I struggled for the first few weeks of her life with still having the awkward deflated but not really deflated kangaroo pouch. Breast feeding, still walking to and from the bus stop everyday and not eating slowly got rid of my pouch.
Fast forward a few years later when Leilani was 3, my best friend (whom is a male) bluntly told me I was "too dam big.' I was shocked he said such a thing but the fact that him and I had been friends since the 6th grade I had to take his observation into account. I went home looked in the mirror, stepped on the scale and then fainted. (a little bit) I was 167 pounds! 30 pounds away from my 9 MONTH PREGNANT weight, THREE YEARS after having Leilani. Not cute, not good and after looking at my eating habits NOT HEALTHY! The mistake I was making was eating like I was STILL PREGNANT!

We, my little family, and I would have weekend barbecues. Complete with pork, potato salad, steak, buttery corn, corn bread, mac and cheese and of course tons and tons of barbeque sauce. I just realized right now that I didn't eat ANY vegetables. AT ALL! So on top of whatever horrible eating habits I held over the week I would pig out ALL weekend! I cringe as I type this.

I began to take my friends "you're too dam big" comment to heart. Everywhere I looked I realized I was too dam big and too dam unhealthy. I no longer wore MY white T's to bed but Leilani's father's bigger white T's. My closet full of clothes that used to have little tags that said "S" or "M" on them now said "L" and even some "XL"!

I decided enough was enough and got on a diet, only I didn't call it a diet I called it a lifestyle change. I began doing this really strange thing call portioning my meals and not eating ANY barbeque sauce!
I also began to do something I used to do very often, EXERCISE! As the weeks rolled along I began to realize my "XL's" no longer fit and some of my "L's" were TOO BIG! After a bit more time my weight would roll back from 167t to 155 to 145 to eventually a SHOCKING 135!

Don't get me wrong it wasn't easy! I would literally come home from school CRYING because I waned to eat! I would cry because all of the food my body was used to consuming was being replaced with GAS and of course I wouldn't just fart or burp in the middle of class so I had trapped gas in my body, which hurts like a ___. Now I know, understand and sympathize with babies with colic. Trapped gas stuck in your body hurts worse than anything!

I'm still constantly aware of what I eat! You must be! Not only for yourself but also for your child(ren). If you are cooking and feeding your body CRAP what you are giving to your child(ren)? CRAP and showing them through your actions that eating unhealthy food is good for you.

I LOVE this and couldn't resist.
Today I am proud to say that I have NO IDEA how much I weight but I know I feel and look GREAT! I know that Leilani is learning how to eat healthy. And I love being a vegetarian!