Friday, February 10, 2012

Nice Teeth... Nice Butt

As you may have read before I have small boobs. I have grown to love them and part of the reason being that I've always liked my butt better. Lol.

After having Leilani and fluctuating in weight my butt was weird looking.
Just like simple things like wearing ankle weights can make a difference, standing glute lifts can too!

Glute lifts are a simple exercise that can be done anywhere and anytime. Every morning we all roll out of bed and start our morning routine which consist of brushing our teeth.

This is your first opportunity to give your butt that extra boost we want.

While you stand at the bathroom sink brushing your teeth do ten glute lifts on each side. Remember that our glute muscles have sides. Although our butts on the outside appear to be one muscle it actually have different 'parts' that make it up. I think of it as the "big part" and the sides. (Not too scientific I admit)

After doing ten glute lifts, straight back, turn to the side and do ten more glute lifts to the side. By the time you are done brushing your teeth you're also done with you glute (butt) work-out for the morning or day!

Another great opportunity to take advantage of doing glute lifts is when doing dishes, laundry or you just find yourself standing for some random reason (which I find myself doing sometimes.)

After a week or so of doing glute lifts every morning, or in the evening while doing dishes, you'll realize that it becomes habit!

Don't think those "little" glute lifts will make a big difference then put on your ankle weights to add a bit more of a challenge!
Remember if you do more glute lifts on one side than the other you might end up with an 'uneven' booty. lol

Below is an example on how to do correct glute lifts, however, this specific video is for pregnant women. When I do my glute lifts I do balance on my own... since I'm not pregnant.

Please be remember that I am not licensed to give any fitness, nutrition and or medical advice.