Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Tango Class

As promised and part of the 11 Months of Awesome I went to a class to diversify my work out.

I love dance. Any type of dance. One dance I have been wanting to learn, like many others, is the Tango. So imagine my delight when I was walking to work on Friday and saw a flyer for Tango lessons for FREE provided by a campus club! One of my friends and I went to the class together and had a blast!

Watching Tango it looks incredibly hard, like any type of dance you're not knowledgeable in, but the way the instructor broke it down to simple steps truly helped. The best tip I took away from the class was close your eyes. It sounds crazy right!
Like most couples dance the man leads in Tango, which I need to work on letting happen, and closing your eyes and letting your partner guide you is necessary.
At first thought I thought the instructor was crazy with such a tip but once she became my partner I closed my eyes and to my surprise I did good!

  • I didn't step on anyone the whole class!
  • I had fun!
  • I had time for myself, which I rarely get.
  • The best part was I got a great leg/ cardio work out!

Tango is about taking confidence in the male and moving your legs! (The latter which I'm better at.)

I learned a few steps and will be going back this Friday. I also realized that wearing heels while dancing Tango actually makes it easier. In Tango the women is the one that goes backwards and she does so with ice skating like steps that are led by her butt and hips. Heels make is easier to have your butt "lead" so to speak.

All in all I'm very excited that I went to the classes and I'm even more excited to learn some more Tango!