Wednesday, February 22, 2012

What Did You Do on Saturday Night?

What did you do on Saturday night?
Oh... you know, went to an Argentinean Tango Milonga in the Empire State Building. I'm not joking. It was AMAZING!

A Milonga is basically a huge Tango party where people who dance Tango get together and dance until 3:30am! My Tango instructor invited all of us to this Milonga as a way to see Tango live, in action and learn from observing. Being that I have only taken two classes and I'm still very new to it I felt that seeing a live groups of intermediate, advanced and professional Tango dancers would be a great way to learn.

Well imagine my surprise when I was asked to dance! I kindly told the gentleman no thank you and explained that I was a complete beginner. He said, No Problem! Next thing I knew I was stepping on toes, tense and on the dance floor. He told me to relax and don't think. I closed my eyes, relaxed, didn't think and then it felt like I was FLOATING on air! It was SO AMAZING and EXHILARATING! By the end of the three songs I had danced much better than I did on the first!

This is a video if the place I went to on Saturday night. This was not the performance I watched though.

I walked back to the group I was with and they told me I did I great job! (I'm sure they were just being very kind.) Then My instructor came over and said that she saw me dancing and I did good too!

I danced one more time with another gentlemen but all in all I had a great time and CAN NOT WAIT UNTIL THE NEXT CLASS!

This video is my instructor and her partner and the USA Tango Championship. Another interesting fact is Tango is ALL IMPROVISED! They had no rehearsed this before.