Saturday, March 17, 2012

As Tactful as a Simba

The other day I learned something very important about myself, I am not a tactful person! At all!

One of my sisters came to me and told me some news/plans she has about life. Now I'm pretty sure I was the only person she told this too and she did so because she probably felt I would be the one to handle it the best.
To put it mildly I didn't react the best way. In fact I laughed, scoffed and then after we hung up I kind of texted her like crazy about how I disagreed and then proceeded to pepper in jabs about how I didn't agree with every other text. Mind you I did all of this in maybe a 36 hour time frame!

Horrible! Terrible! Rude! And tactless!

I have always said that when Leilani gets older I want her to feel like she can come to me and tell and ask me anything. Well if I react to her in the same way I reacted to my sister she'll never tell me anything again! My actions could mean the end of all of the future conversations Leilani and I could have about personal things going on in her life.

The incident with my sister showed me that I am tactless and more importantly, if I can't react correctly when one of my sisters, who is an adult and we confide in one another, comes to me with news how the hell do I expect to do it with a sensitive future Leilani in her pre-teen and teen years?

I have since apologized to my sister and unfortunately know that it will probably be a while before she tells me anything else. That really breaks my heart.