Thursday, March 8, 2012

Time Management March

February was a great month for me however, towards the end I started feeling very depressed and down on and about myself. I felt like I wasn't meeting my goals and deadlines like I wished I was. I wasnt spending enough time with Leilani and just all over the place. I also realized that my room doesn't feel like my own space and I always feel rushed and like I'm constantly playing catch up with myself. Then I woke up with a horrible severe pain on the right side of my mouth this was the icing on the horrible bitter cake I has been eating.

I texted my sister that I though I was depressed and instead of going straight to the train station after dropping Leilani off at school I went back home and sat on my bed. As I looked around I realized I didn't feel comfortable or peaceful in my room so I decided to just get ready and go to school.
Throughout the day my sister and I texted back and forth and somewhere in the middle of our text I had an epiphany. I need to desperately work on TIME MANAGEMENT. I was certain that once I figured out my time I everything else would fall right into place.
The first thing I had to do was tackle my dirty and cluttered room. I started cleaning out my closet, throwing away things, moving my father's stuff out of my room and rearranged a little.
Then Leilani asked if she could play at a friend's house and as I was walking her there I saw something I have been wanting for a very long time! A DESK and it WAS FREE!

I raced back home and have even more motivation to clean and straighten up my room, MY DESK!

The theme for this month is time management. I need to organize myself more and the first step to that is organizing my surroundings.
Throughout the month I will be sharing tips about how I am learning and using time management and sharing my process to getting a functional and tranquil room.