Monday, March 5, 2012

Uggs or Oggs?

This past Christmas Leilani and I made her annual wish list. Since she is getting older and developing her own personality I decided to let her make her list all by herself with out mommy's input.

After asking for a "laptop with an apple on it," yeah she actaully asked for a NEW MAC laptop, she already has one... my dad gave it to her, It's old though, like super old... But yeah, the fact that my five year old has a Mac is pretty ridiculous. I digress.

Leilani specifiacally asked for, "light brown boots with the white fur on them." I knew exactly what she was asking for, UGG boots. Now I don't have UGG boot money and specifiacally around the holidays so I knew she wasnt going to get them.

I sent the list out to our family and they reacted the same way I did about the laptop and then they all agreed they were going to get her the boots she wanted. I told them not to worry about it and to pay more attention to the rest of the list.
Christmas came and left and no UGG boots were opened. Then a few days after Christmas Leilani, Damien, my sister and I were in Old Navy and Leilani saw a pair of boots that fit her described christmas boots to a T. I looked at the boots saw they were on sale but didn't want to get then because they were "knock-off UGGs." However, Leilani really wanted them and I agreed to let her have them.

She now wears her boots proudly and I realized something very important.
It's not children that make a big deal about labels, it's us! The parents that allow all of this marketing and advertising stuff mold the way we think and how we buy ANY AND EVERYTHING!

Sure SOMETIMES a product is better than another and usually this products have a well developed brand name BUT more money doesn't always mean more quality.

Leilani doesn't know that the boots she perfectly described and wanted were $100 UGG boots and that the $15 Old Navy boots weren't UGGs. All she knows is she got her "cut brown boots with the fur on them." She's perfectly happy with them.
As Leilani gets older I'll let her start picking some brand name items but I hope to not let her get to the point where she looks like a billboard for a brand!
We all want the best for our child and often times we want the best shirt or sneakers but the money saved from not buying those items could be put toward something better like swim classes or a trip to the book store, while building individuality from a young age.
Let's face it all of our kids are awesome but when they all start to dress the same they may no longer see how awesome they are because everyone else looks/ dresses just like them.