Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The Year of the Scooter

You are not an official New York City child if you don't own a scooter. Okay maybe that was a bit of an over exaggeration but it's true! It seems like every child in the city has a scooter and last year when we moved here we had to leave several things behind in Florida and one of those things was Leilani's scooter.

Upon getting here Leilani saw all the kids scooting around on their scooters and she asked me for one. Because I was broke, in debt and unemployed there was no way I could get her one but I promised her one anyways. I saw that some stores around the house offered scooters for $15 but I literally did not have $15 to spare. I killed me to see that I went from being the mother that was always able to provide for her child, both things she wanted and needed, to the mother who didn't even have $15 to spare. It didn't help that Leilani literally asked every two months for her scooter and I kept replying not today baby.

However, I am very proud to say that a year later I was able to finally get Leilani the scooter she wants and deserves.

I got one of my paychecks in the mail and my first thought was: SCOOTER TIME! I searched online an saw that the Times Square Toys R Us had the scooters I wanted her to choose from.

I picked Leilani up from school and told her I had a surprise for her. Then we rode down to Toys R Us, we found the scooter section and I told her to pick out whichever one she wanted.

Her reaction was not the Wow! Really mommy?!? Reaction I hoped for. Instead she picked one out and simply said thank you. We went to the checkout line and the total was $40 more than I anticipated however, I swiped my card and that was probably the happiest I had ever been to spend money in my life.

We left the store and I let Leilani ride her scooter from Times Square to Central Park. The weather was great. The sun was shining and I was finally able to follow through on my promise!

As she struggled with balance and tried not to run over too many people she looked up at me, smiled and said your the best! I love my scooter! This is the best life ever! Look how good I'm doing!

I smiled at her and felt the same exact way.