Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Your Friends are Their Friends

Last week I was invited to a dinner party with a group of friends. They informed me that the dinner party was on Friday evening.
Friday is also my tango lesson night and I didn't have a sitter for either.

I told my friend that I wasnt sure if I would be able to go because I didn't have a sitter to which he replied, "bring her!" Everyone else that was around us said to bring her as well.

When it comes to Leilani, I am a bit wary with bringing just anyone around her but then I had a huge revilation. I should only be friends with people that I would want my daughter to be around. If I was to be friends with the "wrong" group of people than those people not only influence the way I am they will also on any occasion be introduced to Leilani. You shouldn't have anyone in your life that you would not want in your child's life as well.

Upon getting to the resturant Leilani was introduce to a few of my friends and as the night progressed she was introduced to more and more.  Everyone kept saying that they couldn't believe how social and outgoing she was and how she just seemed to "click" with everyone.

The night was fun and it didn't feel weird or strange to have Leilani around my friends because they are the type of people I would want her around.