Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Blog Accomplishments.

I hope to bring this symbolism into fruition! 
The passing of my one year blogiversary has me looking back at the last year of my life personally, professionally and blog wise.

A year ago I had no job, no friends and was a bigger emotional mess then I am today, all things that are, now, very different.

I was a nobody with a blog about Teen Moms and shouting into the dark that NOT ALL TEEN MOMS ARE THE SAME!

Before reaching my one year blogiversary I reached 10,000+ views, was mentioned in the New York Daily News, put together an event for Teen Moms in Orlando, have met amazing previous, present and future teen moms, met the Teen Mom 2 cast and learned about helpful places for teen moms around the city and US!

I've realized that my blog has helped me gain confidence, learn about myself, more than I ever imagined, and has taught me to take risk. Although I come across very loud and outspoken the truth is the last year I spent in Florida really shook my confidence and had me questioning a lot of things I thought I was certain about in life.

Another thing my blog has been is kind of a timeline diary. It has given me the chance to look back and see how far Leilani and I have come.

Leilani started school, after the shitstorm of trying to find one and get her in, and then she had an early promotion to the first grade and took the gifted and talented test. Although she scored a 87 and needed a 90 to get into the program, life already has different things in the works for her education :)

All in all i'm very Excited! Happy! Blown-away! and proud of how much has been accomplished in such a short amount of time and will continue to work just as hard and even harder to keep bringing you all more wonderful content!

Thank you for reading!!! WITH OUT YOU, this blog is NOTHING! :)