Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Book Review- Princess Recovery

I few months ago I did a post about Dr. Jen Hartsteins book, “Princess Recovery: A How-To Guide to Raising Strong, Empowered Girls Who Can Create Their Own Happily Ever Afters”.

I was shocked that Dr. Hartstein read and answered my post! I couldn't believe it. Then she did something very kind and sent me a free autographed copy of her book!

Upon receiving the book I immediately began reading. However, my required readings in my courses delayed how much I was really able to read. I began reading the book in spurts and in between my American Politic Thought text and the text from other classes.

Then last week I finally finished.

When I received the book I realized two things, it flows like a narrative, with each chapter devoted to a theme, but can also be used like an encyclopedia of sorts, by allowing you to turn to the "lesson" you need, read it, gets tips, tailored by age group, and continue on with your day. The other thing I noticed is, its very pink!

I read the book cover to cover and was very humbled to learn that some of the things I was doing when it came to Leilani and princesses was wrong.
Dr. Hartstein not only addresses issues or problems that we as parents don't realize we are doing or perpetuating, she goes deeper to help you question if and why you may be exhibiting the very same behaviors you do not want your child to have. Then she provides you tips, examples and ways to reduce these behaviors in yourself which in turn means helping out our daughters. The book identifies several trouble spots that one may encounter when raising a child, addresses them and provides solutions and tips on how to deal with them.

Through the chapters Dr. Hartsein provides you with the tools to take your daughter from being the dainty little princess to the capable heroin that she is.

To me, the underlined theme in the book is something I truly agree with, be the human you want your child to grow-up and be.

One 'lesson' that stood out to me the most was helping your little girl realize that princesses are fiction. Sounds simple right? However, as adults we sometimes forget to look at life through a child's eyes, although we know fairy tales and princesses are fictitious our children may not.

Simple realizations such as this and several other will come to you as you read Dr. Hartstein's book.

Another very helpful thing the book has to offer is a list of books that show princesses in a whole new light. As a the capable heroin! These books can sometimes be hard to find but with the list right in the back of the book you and your daughter can begin the process to go from princess to heroin.

The one drawback I see to the book is it is solely targeted to girls while the lessons can be used for boys and girls!
That being said if you have a little boy you can still read the book, learn from it and implement the lessons in your everyday life.

Overall, I give the book a 5/5! Great read worth, not only, your time but your families time as well!

You can find Dr. Jennifer Hartstein online on her website-
Twitter - @drjenonline
And her book on Amazon