Wednesday, April 4, 2012


March was time management month and to be honest I kind of failed at my own theme. If anything I felt like I was more all over the place than shlould be.

Currently I am working, getting more involved in campus clubs, running for undergrad student government, writing articles, (trying to) have more of a social life, trying to plan Leilani's birthday, trying to be the best mom I can be, focusing a lot more on turning Teen Mom NYC into a full up and running non-profit and oh yeah school.

My time is split in multiple directions and to be honest I think I'm doing a good job at handling it all. However, I know I can be doing A LOT better.

I feel I'm not giving the most important commitment in my life enough attention: Leilani. I still read her bedtime stories and we still eat dinner together every night however I know I should and can be doing more. That's why I am going to start stopping myself!
I need to train myself to be able to identify when enough work is enough and when I need to just be still, enjoy my time and my time with Leilani.

I did a guest post for yums and in that post I stated that I don't want to be the parent that works so hard that when they achieve their goals they don't even know their child. I need to get back to that!

Although I'm not going crazy with all of my commitments I've forgotten about the practices that I used to keep me grounded and centered. I realized that although some of my ways to manage my time aren't the best, whatever I'm doing now is no better. Scheduling time for Leilani and I sounds bad but it maybe necessary and if I practice it long enough it will, once again, become a habit and not a to do list task.

Although I didn't become an efficient time managing machine like I wanted to be somehow in a strange back handed way I learned my theme.