Saturday, April 14, 2012

Top Most and Least Read

In honor of my ONE YEAR blogiversary  I was looking back at some of my post and decided to compile a list of the most and least read post as well as my personal favorite post in the last year.

Least Read Post:

  1. Earthday Can Help Your House
  2. Rugrats!
  3. College Orientation 
  4. WOW! What an Insightful Day 
  5. Recycling

Most Read Post:

  1. Meet Diamond- Also the most read and in my personal opinion most impactful interview
  2. Gray or Stars 
  3. Why I Hate Disney Princesses
  4. Food Stamps
  5. Meet Devyni
Personal Favorites
*Orlando Teen Mom Event! - My absolute MOST FAVORITE post! I plan on doing A LOT MORE OF THESE! 
  1. Confidence is Killer  & How to Love
  2. Those Princesses are Going DOWWN
  3. How Broadway Saved My Boobs
  4. First Meltdown of the Year  - Struggles
  5. Why Worry - Took me some time to get to this point and I still struggle however, I'm glad I made this step!
THANK YOU SO MUCH TO ALL OF YOU THAT READ, FOLLOW, RECOMMEND and have followed me on this wonderful one year of life and blogging!! It is because all of you that the blog reached OVER 10,000 VIEWS in LESS THAN A YEARS TIME! 
I look forward to blogging and helping more and more teen moms!

Oh yeah! My blogiversary is also my BIRTHDAY!