Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Wait Aprils Almost Over!?!

April has been the best month for me this year, so far. As I was looking back at my year of blogging and my biggest accomplishments in that year I realized that I never stated this month's theme as part of the 11 months of awesomeness!

The theme that has eveloved this month for me is bringing my goals- professional, academic and perosnal- to life.

I've been doing this by simply putting myself out there more.

I have emailed a few bloggers that I look up to and asked them for advice, I've met some amazing women in business and equally amazing YOUNG mothers in business, went on several important interviews and meetings that helpe me develop my ideas better, spoken to friends and family about some ideas that I have had but was to timid to share. I have also met some wonderful young mom bloggers and some of my readers! Over all I've been working on living the saying: you create the life you want!

Along with all of these wonderful things I gave my resume a much needed facelift. A little while ago I began a resume writing section but never finished it- this is on my 'To-Do' list.

I apologize and realize that this post is more like a ramble than anything else. What I am trying to say is if there is an idea or thing you have been wanting to do but left it off for 'when there is time' guess what there is never 'just going to be time.' You need to make time and complete the thing you've been wanting to. So often we feel we need to wait for time but fail to realize time doesn't wait for us.
Enough cliches and rambling, bottom line: get out there, get your hands dirty, send emails, make calls and do what YOU want to do.

Thank you for reading!