Friday, May 4, 2012

April Giveaway

As you may have noticed the month of April kind if went without a solid theme for the 11 Months of Awesome "challenge."  April was an amazing month with my one year blogiversary, Leilani's 6th birthday, my birthday, family flying in, a great spring break and a look at the years biggest accomplishments because of all that I am confident May will be even more amazing.

April wasn't all rainbows and sunshine and even with all that great things that can happen life can get messy.

April's gift is one that will help reduce the messiness and hopefully the sticky fingers your iPod or iPhone gets when your child might play on it.
This month we are giving away TWO Fisher Price  iPod/iPhone covers. 

The covers can be great for letting your little one play, learn-with the free app that comes with it- and will provide you with a little bit of  free time to finish any work, home or homework assignments you may have to finish.

To enter the giveaway you only need to do three things:

  1. Be subscribed to Teen Mom 
  2. Like our Facebook Page-Teen Mom
  3. Leave your contact information as a comment below.  
The last day to enter is MAY 13th- MOTHER'S DAY