Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Babies Before Voting: A Teen Moms Honest Look on Perspective

Babies before voting

The other day I got to thinking about life when I first became a Teen Mom. Surprisingly I feel like that was so long ago and I often forget it was only six short years ago.

I was mostly thinking about how young I really was! I mean really thinking and I came up with a slightly comical and surprising list with a long name.

The things I wasn't legally old enough to do but I was having a baby list.

  • drive (I had Leilani 4 days before my 16th birthday)
  • vote
  • buy and or consume alcohol (again legally is in the lists name)
  • get married (thank GOD I dodged that assault riffle bullet rain storm)
  • buy cigarettes [which are disgusting, so I would've bought them but for list sake here it is :)]
  • buy a lottery ticket
  • Purchase WHITE OUT alone
  • Rent anything (apartment, car, chairs for a party you name I mostly likely couldn't rent it)
  • Take my own child on a plane with me by myself.
  • One of my personal favorites:
  • Get my very own sonogram.
    • True story. The place I went to was, surprise, surprise, super rude and refused to let me get my sonogram because I wasnt 18 years old. Needless to say the lady got an ear full and I got my sonograms :)

Last and my very favorite one:

Although this list is a bit comical it really brings into perspective how young I really was when I had Leilani. As well as how quick I had to grow up and the reality of how I didn't know shit!
At that age I thought I knew everything and boy was I completely Wrong!