Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Babies Before Voting: A Teen Moms Honest Look on Perspective

Babies before voting

The other day I got to thinking about life when I first became a Teen Mom. Surprisingly I feel like that was so long ago and I often forget it was only six short years ago.

I was mostly thinking about how young I really was! I mean really thinking and I came up with a slightly comical and surprising list with a long name.

The things I wasn't legally old enough to do but I was having a baby list.

  • drive (I had Leilani 4 days before my 16th birthday)
  • vote
  • buy and or consume alcohol (again legally is in the lists name)
  • get married (thank GOD I dodged that assault riffle bullet rain storm)
  • buy cigarettes [which are disgusting, so I would've bought them but for list sake here it is :)]
  • buy a lottery ticket
  • Purchase WHITE OUT alone
  • Rent anything (apartment, car, chairs for a party you name I mostly likely couldn't rent it)
  • Take my own child on a plane with me by myself.
  • One of my personal favorites:
  • Get my very own sonogram.
    • True story. The place I went to was, surprise, surprise, super rude and refused to let me get my sonogram because I wasnt 18 years old. Needless to say the lady got an ear full and I got my sonograms :)

Last and my very favorite one:

Although this list is a bit comical it really brings into perspective how young I really was when I had Leilani. As well as how quick I had to grow up and the reality of how I didn't know shit!
At that age I thought I knew everything and boy was I completely Wrong!


  1. I love that! Its so true to think We have babies that young...but cant do so many other things!!

    1. It really blew my mind! I mean to really step back and look at it like that.
      Thank you for reading! I truly appreciate it!

  2. Hi there, it's @MsAlexandraV from twitter. Can I just say that your daughter's name is beautiful!! She's 6? My daughter is 6 1/2, where oh where did the time go?? We were just in NYC visiting, next time we go (end of summer) we should get together!!
    Wait, you couldn't buy white out? And WOW about not being able to get a sonogram. It's crazy, and as teen parents we did have to grow up fast, and there is so much pressure on us because we are teen parents. As tough and crazy as it was to be a teen mom it was the best thing that ever happened to me and really made me change my perspective. Funny as teens we think we are invincible...but we're not.

    1. Hi Ms. Alexandra! Thank you so much for stopping by, reading AND commenting!
      I was unable to buy white out! During the time I was pregnant apparently children- even kids my age- would buy white out to get high off of it. Then the sonogram desk clerk she was just so NASTY!

      Time does fly I can't believe that she is so BIG and well onto her way to the BIG 10!
      I would love to get together next time you are in town.
      I agree completely although I had to grow up very fast I KNOW and feel that my daughter is 100% the reason why I am the person I am today and I LOVE who I am today, wasn't always like that but she teaches me more than I could ever teach myself.

      Next time you all are in town get it touch. Safe travels back home :))

  3. I know, I feel so weird that I have a 2 year old and I still can't legally consume or buy alcohol!

    1. LOL! That's how I felt too! It was strange and still is at times in retrospect.

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