Sunday, May 6, 2012

May- I Have Clear Skin Please?

May is about getting CLEAN AND CLEAR skin! I have been battling my skin lately and need to take a more direct approach to getting the skin I want. Throughout May I am going to be sharing what I am doing to get clearer skin ALL OVER, yes I am one of the many that have mild body acne.

While doing research online I have re-learned that our skin is a reflection of what is going on INSIDE our bodies!  To help clean out what's going on inside and keep myself hydrated I have purchased a refillable water bottle and have been drinking tons of water.
Next, I began using a poof! Using a poof exfoliates your skin EVERY TIME YOU SHOWER. This has helped a TON, especially on my shoulders.

Continuing my online search looking for a good face wash online I found a list of the top 18 recommended. 
I'm still in between Clinique, Cetaphil and a few others but in the mean while I will continue using my Queen Helene Mint Julep Masque! 

Another skin problem area I will be targeting are, ONCE AGAIN, my stretch marks! I am fortunate enough to say I no long look like a ZEBRA but I still want to work on having them fade a bit. 
At the end of the month on lucky giveaway winner will win a clear skin package with some of the things I will be using throughout the month to obtain the clean and clear skin we all desire.