Thursday, May 31, 2012

What Really Happens After You Have a Child Young

What Really Happens After You Have a Child Young
  • You lose-most of-your friends but you meet some amazing ones you would have never met if it wasn't for your child.
  • You see life in a whole new light. School becomes more important and a hell of a lot harder.
  • Everyone is judging you. Even you.
  • That cute, tiny, curvy frame you love will NEVER be the same.
  • Forget about worrying about a pimple. You now worry about stretch marks that will never fade.
  • Your plate of food is a platter from which your child will pick from.
  • Whichever you choose, breast-feeding or not, your breast will not look like they did before.
  • Staying up all night has a whole new meaning.
  • Every-time you sit down you're lucky. Enjoy it.
  • Prom...?
  • Everything you do needs to be planned. From purchasing shoes to washing your hands.
  • Your mornings are a battle against the clock but your best friend is there to see you through.
  • Your best friend is no longer that girl that you've known from 5th grade. Your best friend is the person you try so desperately to get to sleep during their witching hour of the night.
  • You realize you are capable of feeding a child, doing laundry, doing homework, watching TV and smiling all at once, even if it hurts.
  • Hauling ass in a car isn't so cool anymore.
  • All that sex you had before you got pregnant doesn't happen anymore. Thank God!
  • You ask yourself how did I get here? While you should be asking how can I advance from here?
  • You beat yourself up when you should be building yourself up!
Then after all of this you pull yourself up! Talk yourself up! Build yourself up! And become the most amazing person you never knew you could be!