Thursday, June 7, 2012

Disney's Diet Change: Says NO to Junk Food.

I am sure you have read maybe one of my Disney rants about how I don't like them because of, primarily, their need to create, capitalize and perpetuate the "perfect princess complex."

Thank you Disney and Mrs. Obama!
However, this post is different! It is one that actually enjoy writing! Because this one is about Disney using their large international platform and deciding to BAN JUNK FOOD COMMERCIALS from their channel and shows!
Maybe Disney's failed effort to show that unhealthy foods were not good for you prompted them to try a larger and better approach.

Why does this make me happy? Because advertisements are a HUGE part of our lives and they sell ideas that products are good, needed and essential to life even when this may not be the case.
The fact that Disney is taking a stance against these type of advertisements says to me, maybe too ideally, that they no longer want to promote products that don't promote healthy things for children.

While some people might say Disney's decision and Bloomberg's ban on 32 ounces sugar drinks are unfair and that trying to control people, I disagree. Just like people have the option to buy into these products while advertised they have the same option when they aren't advertised.

No body seems/seemed to have such a problem with the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT allowing pizza to be counted as a vegetable for child school lunches so why does everyone have a problem with this?

Another thing to consider is if parents have stated they WANTED this than Disney is responding to what their viewers want.

I will officially go on the record and say I COMPLETELY AGREE AND STAND BY DISNEY'S DECISION to BAN unhealthy food advertisements.

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