Thursday, June 14, 2012

How Bad is a Big Gulp for You?

Previously I did a post about people being upset with Disney because they banned UNHEALTHY, FATTENING and NON-Nutritious food from their channels, this came after New York City Major Bloomberg suggested a ban of "Big Gulp" type soft drinks.

Needless to say people are upset by BOTH things while others, like myself, agree with them. I mean how bad can a 'Big Gulp' really be for you anyways...? Maybe a few calories right...
Well, it turns out a 44 ounce Big Gulp has only 500 calories.

Not bad, considering you can have 3 Crispy Strips with Green Beans and 3" Corn on the Cob, and a Medium Diet Pepsi for 475 calories from KFC. By drinking a 'Big Gulp' your literally drinking a MEALs worth of calories! Keep in mind that your daily calorie intake should only be 2000-2500.

More calorie sugar filled land-mines can be found here