Saturday, June 2, 2012

I Cried

Yesterday I learned something about myself, maybe I'm a very sappy person?!

I spent just about all day yesterday CRYING! But they were happy and good tears so it's okay.

However, Glee had me boo wooing all over the place and it didn't help that it was the graduation episode. I had just realized that four year ago I graduated high school to the date and that several of my friends I've made in school (college) graduated yesterday too!

Anyhow, another reason I realized I was a sap was because of Yahoo's amazing little happy place I found called Ultimate Surprise. Basically it's amazing loving people doing amazing and wonderful surprises for an unsuspecting loved one. I've watched several of these however below is the one that really got me going! This couple is too cute!

And who can forget this adorable and humorous proposal. Probably the best thing out of Oregon. lol