Wednesday, June 27, 2012

MTV is NOT a Viable Source of Information

It seems everyone has an opinion about teen moms and while opinions are fine, so long as they do not hurt anyone, viable and real statistics are true and sound.

I can not tell you how upsetting, unsettling and ridiculously absurd it is that grown adults feel MTV is a viable source of information when it comes to teen pregnancy and young parenthood.

One positive thing about all of the hype around teenage sexuality is government institutions, public and private sectors are starting to do what small organizations have done for YEARS, pay attention to teens and teen parents!

With all these larger entities with larger bank accounts paying attention, studies and research is being conducted to see what is really going on with teens and young parents.
While some statistics from these studies seem dooming, others aren’t and most importantly they’re factual BUT are not determinate of a teen/young mothers future.

Did you know that teenage pregnancy is AT AN ALL TIME LOW! 

"According to new data from the CDC, teen pregnancy rates have reached all-time lows, dropping more than 44% from 1991 to 2010."

Let me know what you think.