Tuesday, June 5, 2012


I truly am opposed to the OVER use of retouching photos, children modeling adult clothing and the likes. I have been wanting to write a post about this for quite sometime however I slept on it and then a story I saw yesterday really made me want to share my 2 cents.

First, it was H&M finally admitting that their lingerie models were in fact FAKE HUMANS BODIES with real human heads, they are/were computer created 'females.' If this isn't the grossest over exaggeration of the 'perfect body' I don't know what is. 

But then I saw a light spark in Israel with a law they created which BANNED the use of UNDERWEIGHT models.  I was SO happy to see this and hoped other countries would catch on too. Although the US hasn't made such a law, probably because people will say it's infringing on personal rights or something, major publications are starting to realize that people no longer want to be sold/shown UNrealistic images of how women should look. 
Glamour Magazines editor-in-chief Cindi Leive asked readers how they felt about retouching and after the votes were tallied she released this statement, 

"Yes, we DO do it—and so do most fashion publications in the age of digital photography, since retouching includes everything from darkening a sky so a headline reads better to keeping models’ nipples from showing through a shirt (done in our March issue—twice!). But as your responses make clear, retouching has its limits—or should—and Glamourplans to take a stronger role in setting ours. You told us you don’t want little things like freckles and scars removed, and we agree; those are the kinds of details that make each woman on the planet unique and beautiful. And while our policy has always been not to alter a woman’s body shape, we’ll also be asking photographers we hire not to manipulate body size in the photos we commission, even if a celebrity or model requests a digital diet (alas, it happens)." (Via: Glamour.com)

Basically saying NO more UNnecessary photoshopping.
Then Vouge and other magazines said they would be following suit. Not sure how long this will last however, I hope it does! 

Then we have Seventeen Magazine, a magazine that insist they are about promoting positive, self loving material for young girls. However they are just as heavy handed on photoshop like the "other guys.'" Well 14 year old Julia Bluhm organized a protest outside Seventeen Magazines NYC Head Quarters with a petition signed by more then 20,000+ people whom agree with her. While Seventeen Magazine FAILED to stop photoshopping they agree to maybe show one un-photoshopped spread per issue. 

Now for the reason I finally decided to write this post, Ms. Gabi 'Fresh'. Ms. 'Fresh' is a FULL FIGURED fashion blogger, you know for the majority of America that is treated like a minority? She caused a STORM online for her gallery of Fresh Fatkini Gallery: 31 Hot Sexy Fat Girls in Skimpy Swimwear. 

Plus-size 'fatkini' blogger rebuts critics: 'I'm all for health' While I'm all for health we have to be realistic! Not everyone is SKINNY! Gabi has received lots of positive feedback and some not so positive feedback. Some are saying that she is promoting an unhealthy lifestyle. ... because FAKE, UNDERWEIGHT, CHILDREN in ADULT CLOTHING isn't an unhealthy lifestyle? 

I say BULL and these women all look amazing because of their courage and confidence. I'm a size 4 and still felt unforgettable in my bikini on the beach this past weekend.


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