Tuesday, June 12, 2012

What to Wear on the Job

A lot of us want a job or might be looking for that perfect job but is what you're wearing holding you back from getting that job?

This is NOT okay.
I have worked at places where the girls- because women wouldn't dress like this to work- would show up in clothing that I would wear on a night out. While I understand that where you work is, sadly, most likely where you spend most of your time it does not mean you can dress like your home, going out or in Vegas!

LADIES! Exposed bra straps are a NO NO especially bedazzled ones.  A few other things that are a no no are PLATFORM HEELS. Rule of thumb is: If you've worn 'it' out to the club do NOT wear 'it' to work.

The picture to the right has several strikes against it:
  • No open toed shoes at the interview or on the job
  • The skirt is way too short 
  • The skirt is too tight
  • The button up shirt is showing too much cleavage
  • Don't show any of your arms at a job interview- I don't know if this is a common rule, just one I think is important  
  • It looks like she put absolutely no effort into her hair. 
  • Jewelry is too big
  • Too much cleavage
For a complete list of "What-not-to wears at work check out the full story at Yahoo! 
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