Monday, August 20, 2012

Taking Back My Life!

Sounds rash, doesn't it...?
It isn't. 

It's just me realizing that although school is great, Leilani is wonderful and I have weekends I need to take back MY life during the week.
This Summer has been AMAZING! I got to travel to Boston, New Hampshire AND Florida! I was fortunate enough to spend some much needed time with family, make new friends and start new endeavors.

I have also had to-more times than one- realize that I HAVE to choose making a few dollars over spending more time with Leilani. This kills me. 
What also saddens me is the zero amount of "me time" I actually have. I am either always in class, working, working at home, 'doing homework', being a mom and daughter or in and out of meetings. I don't have time where I can just be still and breathe. A "Me day", a moment of silence, a chance to say yes when a friend invites me out to get a slice. 

So this semester I AM CHANGING THAT! 
First I am changing it by my school schedule:
I have made my schedule to where I can go to the gym for two hours in the morning 3 out of the 7 days of the week. 
I have decided that I want to actively experience COLLEGE: 
Being on this years Undergrad Student Government has really provided me with an outlet to do so. 

So... what does this all mean? It means that unlike the past where I was going straight from class and into work I am going to ONLY WORK TWO DAYS OUT OF THE WEEK! Sounds INSANE right? Especially with me always talking about how limited my bank account is. 

Well you know what I AM SICK AND TIRED of putting a LOW dollar amount on my time, my mental health and the limited amount of time I can spend with Leilani. $21 is NOT worth me NOT socializing with friends, NOT  making new friends, NOT being able to go to club meetings and NOT being able to pick Leilani up from school one extra day out of the week. 

Trust me I have done the math and an extra $21 a week adds up to $84 a month, which translates to 2.8 weekly unlimited Metro cards for the subway. But it also means me MISSING OUT ON LIFE! Me missing out on TIME THAT I WILL NOT GET BACK! Me missing out on COLLEGE that I fought dam hard to get into and to STAY IN!

You're probably reading this and thinking: wow she's selfish. Thats fine if you do because in my heart I feel we ALL have to be a LITTLE bit selfish. No one else is going to come up to us and say 'oh look I changed your schedule so you can get some free time or say here's all the time back that you spent working.' So i'm doing it for my self. 
I'm giving myself my own break. I'm choosing to use my ability to CHOOSE and in the process i'm helping MY mental health, my physical health and the relationships I have with the people in my life and most importantly Leilani. 

So how am I going to pull this all off? By working SMARTER, HARDER and exploring different ways to make an income.