Sunday, August 12, 2012

The 8 Stages of Blogher12

The 8 stages of Blogher12

Tweet, Tweet, Tweet
HELL YEAH!!! I'm going to Blogher12! I'm going to rock it! Everyone is going to know who I am. I'm going to be fearless and get to meet all the people I follow on Twitter, Facebook and blogs!

Oh crap! I'm going to meet all the people I follow on Twitter, Facebook and blogs! What if I say something dumb? Is approaching them too much? How do I approach them? What if they are totally different then what they are on their blogs? What do I wear, WHAT DO I WEAR?!

Game face:
How you feel when you see someone you have been following for a long time. 
You got this! All you have to do is be yourself. You're awesome! You are going to get to learn, network, experience new things and meet wonderful people. Don't be nervous and just wear that cute outfit you've been meaning to wear. You know the one that you keep saying you wont get rid of because one day there will be an occasion to wear it. Oh and remember, there is no need to buy new shoes.

You get there
Holy SHIT: 
I'm I breathing fast? 5,000- 5,000 PEOPLE! Where do I even start?! What session did I say I was going to go to first. Is it hot in here! So many people. What if I don't recognize the people I want to finally meet face to face? This is the line for the bathroom AND food?
Do I really need 7 drink tickets?
Um.. excuse me, where do I get one of those Blogher12 bags? Over here? Oh, thank you!

Wait... there's MORE
I'm so overwhelmed!
At this point you have been to two sessions, the luncheon- So... you're telling me that I can have as many of these adorable and delicious desserts as I want?- and lost yourself about three times. Then you find the Expo Hall.

After the Expo Hall
I'm just going to find a plug, plug my phone in and sit down. After that i'll feel better. My shoulder hurts from all this free stuff. My eyes are heavy and I want some food. I don't know if I'm coming to the next Blogher. All of this is just so overwhelming and can be nerve wrecking.

YEAH 7 drink tickets! 
When you see the Sparklecorn cake for the first time
Today was tougher than I thought, I totally needed 7 drink tickets!

Then after all that you realize that this past weekend was great! Sure you were overwhelmed, stressed and questioning why you came but then you realize that you met inspiring people, made friends, found new blogs to follow, new stories to share and you are no longer a Blogher virgin. 
See you in Chicago! 

All images are originally from Hyperbole and a half
I was sponsored by Young Urban Moms to attend Blogher12 but all views and opinions are my own.