Thursday, October 25, 2012

Speaking in D.C with the National Latinas Institute for Reproductive Health.

On the International Day of the Girl, National Latinas Institute for Reproductive Health (NLIRH), 8 young mother and myself were in Washington D.C speaking directly to members of Congress and State Representatives about the policies they support and or reject and how their actions truly effect the lives of teen and young mothers.

Speaking on a panel with other young mothers was amazing! Hearing them speak with such conviction and determination in their voice made me once again appreciate the fact, yes I said appreciate, that I'm a part of such a dynamic and determined community of young mothers that exist everywhere!

When I spoke on the panel I felt as if people really wanted to hear what I had to say. They had the option to be elsewhere at that time but no they choose to come listen to what young mother had to say, they want to know our realities or truths and how policies are directly effecting us.

After the panel we had a wonderful "Know Your Rights Lunch with the National Women's Law Center. They informed us about the rights that ALL pregnant teens, parenting teens and young parents have when it comes to receiving an education. To know the rights that you have click here. 

Being someone who had a daughter at 15 in a tiny town in Central Florida to a college student in living in New York City and speaking directly to DC officials is so amazing and mind boggling to me.

My experience in D.C reinforced many things for me.

First it reinforced my belief that ANYONE can do ANYTHING if they keep trying, surround themselves with positivity and most importantly BELIEVE in themselves. Believe in their potential and their dreams even if they aren't 100%sure what they maybe at the moment.


It also reinforced that despite people say " WTF is Public Affairs?" when I tell them my major that I am in fact studying what my passions are. Public policy, people and the relationship of government to its citizens.

It also reinforced that I'm F-in amazing! I thought I would be super nervous when speaking to a room full of people but I surprisingly really wasn't. When you speak from the heart and speak on the things that you are educated and knowledgeable in you have nothing to be nervous about.

I am so thankful to NLIRH for such an amazing opportunity. However, the amzingness didn't stop there, on the way home from D. C I received an amazing email which would have me back in D.C NEXT MONTH!