Saturday, November 10, 2012

Baby Sitter Troubles AGAIN!

If you follow me on Facebook or Twitter then you may have noticed that I have problems with my sitter.

To explain it best there is a love hate relationship. The problem is the sitter herself is not the problem. She has helped me in many time of need and close calls.
It's another child that makes Leilani hate being over there. The other child, to-date has teased, bullied, shown Rihanna and Nicki Minaj videos and has exposed Leilani to the wonderful killing doll Chuckie movies.

I've explained my frustrations to some and I get the answer that I used to think I just had the accept, "she's inexpensive and you need to make sacrafices."
However, now I think that answer is shit. The sacrafices I need to make are giving Leilani the best that I can while doing the best that I can and keeping her with a sitter she despises -with reason- is NOT me doing the best I can.

The other day Leilani asked me if 'dick' was a bad word. I couldnt believe my ears, I explained to her what 'dick' meant and asked her where she'd learned that word. Lo and behold she replied 'the sitters house.'

Or more Whoopi... yeah I think Whoopi. 

Then last night she told me that the sitters daugter told her that "you and daddy had sex to make me."

WT actual F was my initial thought and was going to be my response. However, I explained to her that sex is how people have babies which opened another can of worms and an other conversation about family planning. Yes, I have family planning conversations with a six year old because OBVIOUSLY other kids are trying to teach her and i'm NOT having that!

Thankfully I just got the letter from the school saying that she has been approved to attend the two day after school program which means the sitter will only be picking her up one day out of the week.

However, I will keep working hard and really work on finding a different sitter. I still have classes to attend!