Thursday, November 1, 2012

Box Tops for Education

The school Leilani goes to is not so great, it's your typical NYC low income public school. I went there for a bit when I lived in the city. I HATED IT. Every moment. Everyday. Every time the teacher- who by the way was a discharged US Marine (the facts behind his discharge always stated vague)- yelled or hit a student in class, yes that happened and it was more of a throwing than hitting- I hated it! I wanted to run out of that school.

So imagine how great of a mother I felt enrolling my child there. I felt like I was setting history up to repeat its self. Then I realized that unlike my parents I am involved. I want to help her experience at school be better than mine and in ways I've done that. I've taught her before school which enabled her to skip kindergarten and I had her take the gifted and talented test, which she unfortunatly didn't pass by four points.

I attended her performances and assemblies but I still wasn't too involved. This year I vowed to change that.

A week or so ago I attended my first PTA meeting! And was pleasantly shocked to see how many parents where in attendance.
I've emailed her teacher back and forth to set up a meeting with her to better get to know her and the classroom environment she promotes.

However!!! My biggest success is the fact that the school principal approved the request I made with the President of the PTA to start the Box Tops for Education at the school!

I'm so excited! And can't wait to have my other request and suggestions acknowledged and hopefully approved!

Just because she's in the same school I hated attending doesn't mean I can't try to make it better for her and the other children there.