Wednesday, November 7, 2012


I am literally crying as I type this. WHY? To be honest I have NO IDEA but it happened because I just listened to Alicia Keys- Girl on Fire for the first time and DAM Y'ALL!

I'm going to be SUPER honest and real with you all.
My confidence is SHIT!
There I said it.
I'm really hard on myself and never think i'm moving anywhere in life even though I KNOW and SEE I am. I think this over shadowing of my accomplishments happens because of my up bringing and volatile relationship with Leilani's father.

So today while I was at the Massachusetts Alliance for Teenage Pregnancy one of the advocates for young mothers said she wanted Girl on Fire to play as she walked across the stage. I decided to listen to it and DAHM Y'ALL. I cried!
Watching the video I related so much to the story being told through her actions, then I started listening to her words and realized this is a strong ass woman she is describing. A woman that is on her shit! Getting it done! Holding it DOOOWWWN!!
Then my AFTER thought was holy shit this is... me...?
You see: that my AFTER thought was this is... me? I questioned if it was me. Then I had to tell myself YES! That's ME!
I'm on fire! I'm amazing! I'm making moves! I'm getting places! I work, I intern, I write, I go to school, I advocate, I learn and above all I am a DAHM GOOD MOM.

I'm PROUD TO SAY that THIS GIRL IS ON FIIIRREEE and starting to realize it and is going to OWN it!