Thursday, November 1, 2012

Picture Day and I Paid!

It's crazy to see how much you can grow in one year. Last year when Leilani brought home the notice stating that her school pictures were going to be taken I felt upset.

I had no money and couldn't afford to buy my daughter her first set of school photos. Thankfully my father graciously paid for them and I was able to get her first set of school photos.

However, this time around, when the notice came home I looked at it and immediately decided that I wanted the largest packet because I could!

I could afford to get my daughter's photos this year WITHOUT help. Without the shame of not being able to and this is the most amazing feeling ever.
In one year I went from not having anything to having a little bit more but most importantly a lot more confidence in my abilities as a young single mom. I guess this year really is the year of the scooter.