Sunday, November 11, 2012

Republicans should Privatize the Child Support system

Republicans/ Conservatives should work on privatizing the Child Support system.
Seriously. Not joking.

If they privatized the Child Support system and had bounty hunters out there like Dog the Bounty Hunter searching for "fathers" that dodge child support orders, get them served child support papers and make sure they are in court when they need to be I would TOTALLY support that!

Do you know how many woman would NOT be on so much or ANY government assistance if they actually received child support? ME! That's who!

Because some of the people in the country are under the notion that the economy is a mess because of  "welfare Queens" like myself, yes I am on food stamps, why not get them off state assistance and have "men" that refuse to take care of their responsibilities take care of them through tracking them down via privately owned "child support bounty hunters" and drag their asses to court? I would totally support that!

According to court calculations Leilani's father is suppose to pay about $500 a MONTH in child support. It's been a little over two years of going through the child support "system" and I have received nothing.

I am here to say that if the child support system was privatized the amount of families on state assistance would without a doubt DROP!
Call me crazy but you know i'm right.

Leilani's "father's" favorite line.
Child Support and YUM's