Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Helping Teen Parents DOES NOT Encourage Teens to get pregnant

Anytime anything is done to help teen parents nay sayers love to say that helping teen parents encourages teenage pregnancy.

Nurses and doctors aren't told that they encourage the ill and hurt to stay sick and hurt by helping them.
Teachers who specifically work with 'troubled youth' aren't told that they encourage more youth to be 'troubled' as a result of their work. These people are praised for their work and they should be. But so should those that help pregnant and patenting teens. They are doing much needed, unglamorized and over looked work with little to no budget.

They are doing the unsexy work of trying to help a young parent who feels like giving up because everyone has told them to. A young parent who has yet to address why or what may have led to them becoming young parents. The people who work and advocate for young families do so much more than prescribe a solution. They work to identify and understand the who, what, where, why and when that has led the young parent to where they are now and seek to help young parents help THEMSELVES.

We have all heard the statistics that children born to teen patents have a high rate of becoming teenage parents themselves. Why? Possibly because their parents weren't helped to be able to stay in school, go on to compete higher education and were left by society to 'work harder' in a low wage job thus continuing the cycle of teenage pregnancy.

As a young parent and reproductive rights advocate I DO encourage things. Things like EQUITY, comprehensive SEX EDUCATION and policy change just name a few.


  1. Our society is so broken and cruel that it's shameful and heartbreaking.

    1. It really is. But i'm glad to see that people continue to do the work despite the hardships they face.

  2. I don't think helping teen moms necessarily encourages teens to go out and get pregnant, however I do think that it makes them think if they do end up getting pregnant at a young age... it won't be "so bad" because of the help that is out there. There needs to be more education on this matter, that's the only way to really prevent it. The truth is that having a child, especially when you are young and unprepared, is extremely difficult. Not just financially but physically, emotionally, mentally... if more young girls were aware of the reality, I think they would do a much better job of preventing it.

    1. I completely agree that having more evidence based comprehensive sex education is much needed. Youth need to realize that sex and relationships are a big deal. However, I also believe that if someone needs help they should be helped regardless of what someone may think. I can personally tell you that before I got pregnant when I was a "normal" teen and would see other teens pregnant the last thing on my mind was, they have help so it must not be too bad.

    2. You have a great point! And trust me girl, I totally agree with you about needing/getting help. I had my daughter at 18 years old and if it weren't for my child care voucher or the pell grant, well... I probably wouldn't be in college right now. That help makes SUCH a difference. I'll never understand people who judge others for wanting to better themselves.

    3. Me too! Everything you said! LOL

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