Friday, December 7, 2012

What Happened to the Baby Sitter

Buh bye baby sitter!

After my constant ramblings and vents about my sitter I have finally "fired" her. I had to get rid of her because another kid she takes care of was making Leilani's life a living hell

At first when Leilani would complain I thought she was "being too sensitive," "just wanted me around," and as I said in my previous post being told and believing that, "oh well, tough luck, this is a sacrifice mommy had to make" was the only option for her, I didn't pursue getting a new sitter.

However, when I returned from the One Voice Summit in D. C I was told that Leilani came home crying the day before.
She was crying because that very same child was- yet again- being mean to her. Leilani tried to counter it by saying it was okay because it doesn't happen every day. Imagine how shitty I felt as a mother. I had been teaching my daughter unintentionally that dealing with shitty people and making excuses for them was okay. The former part of the last sentence is true. There are shitty people but making excuses for them is not okay.
Then Leilani told me that the child keeps talking about sex, dicks, and is overall just a super over sexed kid.
Oh. Hell. No.
No college course, hours at work or anything else are worth Leilani being in such an uncomfortable situation. None!
So I quit the sitter. Scaled back on work and I'm starting to realize that I need to take a more direct approach in creating the future we want and need.

Changes are already underway.