Friday, January 25, 2013

Goat Cheese Pizza

The other day I made goat cheese and veggie pizza. I love cheese and making pizza is a fun stress free cooking activity Leilani and I could do together so I put them together.

  • Pre made pizza dough
  • Pre made pizza sauce which I added minced garlic and Oregeno to
  • Sliced mushrooms
  • Sliced sweet peppers
  • Goat cheese
  • Monterey Jack shredded cheese
  • Extra virgin olive oil

I spread the oil on the dough,
spread the pizza sauce add a few crumbs of goat cheese, then the shredded cheese, vegetablesore goat cheese and bake for ten to fifteen minutes!

As you can see in the photo I made it half goat cheese and veggie and half pepperoni for Leilani.

Don't let the name goat cheese scare you. Try it out :)

What's your favorite and stress free meal to cool with your kids?

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Green Smootie Recipe

I love Green Smoothies. I have been drinking BoltHouses Green Machine fruit and vegetable drink for sometime. I remember my stepmom taking us down to The Village for shots of wheat grass and thinking "Is she serious?!"

However, I learned to like the taste of weird green drinks and that's why I was so thrilled when I first learned at Green Machine from Bolthouse.

I drink it right when I start feeling like I'm going to be sick and I do not get sick. I drink it whenever I want because its so good and I have even gotten Leilani to love it as much as I do.

As much as I love the juice I know it is still full of preservatives and whatever else companies do not need to put on the label. I've seen that the green smoothie has taken over social media. Everywhere you go you see a Green Smoothie, in fact I'm sure there are Tumblrs, Instagram and hashtags dedicated to this new social media craze.

I decided to make me own the other day. And after realizing my blender was leaking from the bottom, having to rush the blender cup over the sink and then putting all my ingredients into my food processor I finally had my own green smoothie!

-Rice Milk

Sunday, January 20, 2013

I Finished Jillian Michael's 30 Day Shred!

If you are part of the Teen Mom NYC Facebook community-which you should be we are all pretty awesome over there :) - then you probably noticed that the last few month of 2012 I was doing Jillian Michael's 30 day Shred. I had previously did the challenge but for some reason or another gave up. However,  I loved the DVD some much that I even gave away a copy of it before.
When I saw fellow young mom blogger Berice Baby talking about how she was starting the challenge I was inspired to start it again too.

This time around was different though.
I don't have the usual " I want to be the heathiest me I can be," "I just want to tone up," or "I need to be more active" reasons to start. Nope this time I needed to prospect of a beach! Let me explain, my friends and I have been talking about going somewhere for Spring Break 2013 and the only requirement is that the place is that the place we go needs to be on, in or around a beach. (I LOVE the beach) So I had to jump start my get sexiER mission.

I started the 30 day Challenge and did pretty good... then I didn't want to do it... then I would remind myself I HAD to and say Spring Break 13 in between grunts of pain as I kept going. I missed some days, I had to stop sometimes to keep from passing out but I DID IT!

I have since finished the 30 Day Challenge have seen and FELT-which is more important- a difference in my body and confidence. As cliche or mushy as it sounds I think that you all liking and commenting on my status updates about the challenge really helped me! Each like and comment encouraged me!

The BEST part of all of this is the 30 Day Challenge is FREE on YOUTUBE and the work outs are only 20 minutes! Less than a full show of Sponge Bob.
I will be starting Insanity soon so PLEASE, I BEG YOU, Keep encouraging me on Facebook! I have a feeling I'm going to REALLY NEED IT!
What do you do to stay active?

Friday, January 18, 2013

No Resolutions, Themes Instead

Only I would write a post about New Year's Resolutions half way through January. However, this isn't a list of 'What I Want to do This Year,' instead I have chosen themes that I want will carry with me throughout the year. I do this because there are several ways you can keep up with your theme through different modes.

This year my themes words are:
  1. Collaboration 
  2. Self Love 
Collaboration in ever sense of the word. 
I want to focus on working with others, helping one another and learning from one an other. I want to continue to make strides in creating a global community that fosters an environment where people have equitable access to creating the community and life they want for themselves. I engage with people in all walks of life and industries. 

During the last few months of 2012 I finally accepted that I have a natural gravitation towards helping people in a political setting. I have been trying to run from politics for so long however, you can't really run from what you are meant to due. 

With that being said I promise that I will try my hardest to not become overtly political in this space and hope that if and or when I do we can respectively talk about opposing points of views to better understand one another. 

Self Love because I want to continue to explore falling in love with myself. Mothers often have trouble 'getting back to being who they were before having a child.' I think that teen and young mothers have an exceptionally hard time doing this because we barely had time to "find ourselves." 

I had Leilani when I was 15. Since then I have undergone several things in life-as many people do- and we all know that when we are busy living life, being a good mom, student, wife/girlfriend and all the other complex titles we juggle as teen and young mom we do not have time to focus on ourselves. The things I do know about myself are that I love are the arts. I love dance, singing, writing things of that nature, I love being active-running, yoga all of that, and again I love being around people. Through making self love a priority I am making engaging in all of the above a priority. 

See how themes are more inclusive? Instead of saying: I'm going to take up a dance class and realistically possibly not being able to do it for whatever reason life may bring my way. I can keep my self love theme by dancing at night in my house or by going to an art museum or taking a random jog in the park. 

And instead of saying that I need to work with fifteen organization or people this year I may work with one whom can introduce me to many more and help me build more meaningful partnerships with them. 

What is your theme for the year?

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Does Forgiving Someone Mean A Second Chance?

I have a hard time with giving people secon chances. Actually I don't really give second chances.

I'm not sure if this makes me a good or bad person or what.

The other night I had a dream with an old friend in it. A friend who-in my eyes- wronged me, so I decided to not speak to them any longer. Even in my dream as they were talking to me I was passively, if listening at all. However, when I woke up I wondered why I had the dream, what the dream meant and if I need to start giving second chances to people.

It's not that I'm a mean person. In fact I think the reason I don't give second chances is because I deal with a lot of shit from people an then when they finally upset me beyond my "threshold" of acceptance I just write them off.

But is this fair?
Should I look over what caused me to stop speaking to them and start talking to them again? Or is that  foolish and allows for me to get hurt again?

Ghandi says:

I do forgive, I don't give second chances.
What's your thought?

Monday, January 14, 2013

You Have to Make Money to Save Money

I'm like New York City. I am always in a perpetual state of crisis, well financial crisis.

Every semester I have to do a cost-benefit analysis of whether working is worth it or not (because that's what happens when you earn your Associates degree with a concentration in Economics and when you study Public Policy, you do Cost-Benefit Analysis) sometimes it is, sometimes it isn't but either way I usually end up working. This past semester I reduced the amount of hours I worked and in the end I'm super glad I did because even with the reduction in hours I still had a lot to deal with this semester.

I had the option to work over the winter break but after calculating it I realized that it would actually cost me money to work. In addition to it costing me money it would cost me stress, less time with Leilani and less time to dedicate to writing.

I feel as if mothers and more so young mothers are also always in a constant state of financial crisis. Not because we "don't want to work" but because more times than not when we really do the math it doesn't make sense to work.

Hopefully during the spring semester work will not cost me money because I need to make money to be able to pay for the sitter that I need to have in order to take my late math which is a requirement for graduation. (Phew!)

If you are reading this and have a job for me I am all ears. Inbox me. Serious.

How about you? Do you find yourself in a similar position as I do? What do you do about it?

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Can We Pretend The Fall 2012 Semester Didn't Happen?

Last semester was tough.

It was the first time I dropped a course, Leilani started the Second grade, I took a few trips to conferences and advocacy events, had to get rid of the baby sitter and had my own personal life to deal with.

My school work took a beating.
I received a 55 on an exam WITH extra credit. Ouch! I got two 70's on written assignments back to back and I never seemed to remember that I had homework in one class until about 1.5 hours before class started. I was a mess. Then I remembered that I had to get it done. I had to learn the material and I had to get it done right.

I buckled down.
I went to my professor's office hours, communicated with them my life load, sat with them and asked them questions, went to the writing center at school, did extra credit and worked my ass off.

Then grades were posted.
In one of my classes I realized my professor did not include 25 points in my overall grade calculation. The result was me receiving a B instead of an A. I emailed my professor right away and brought this to their attention. After a few emails we resolved it and I received the grade I rightfully earned.
An A, well an A-. ;)

Stand up for your work and yourself in every aspect of your life. We all work too hard not to.

To read more about the life of a teen mom in college check out Emily's blog, Your Mom Goes To College.

Farrah- From Teen Mom- Waxed and Tweezed Her 3 Year Olds Uni-Brow

Farrah from teen mom waxed and plucked her 3 year daughter Sophia's uni-brow and blogged about it.

So here I am faced with a standout historical moment in motherhood when I can confirm to myself that my little, adorable,most cuddle-able cutie, baby girl has a Unibrow :( , I felt bad for her...

So I told sophia (my daughter who is a late 3 years old) of the little issue on her I tryed to wax her, the second a dab hit the Uni, she touch it with the towel she had in her hand, 

So now sophia was freaking out,
You don't say...
PLOT TO END THIS: Sophia feel a sleep, I got my tweezers and Pluck-pluck-pluck......soph was now saying ouch or anything and still was asleep, I got most of it off...
Plucking is torture ... for me at least
Ah I feel like a good mom:) other moms tell me your ideas!  

Leilani was born with a mustache, a uni-brow and three bright red marks on over each of her eyes and under her "uni-brow". I remember telling my sisters I didn't know what to do about it when she got older. " I don't want her to be hairy," I told them "but there is no way I'm going to put chemicals on her face.

Time passed and I did nothing. Not because it didn't bug me, not because the spots and hair went away-which most eventually did- but because I FORGOT about it. I was too busy dealing with real life altering decisions and situations to l have time to spare to worry about something so minuet.

A three year old doesn't understand what a uni-brow is and if they do its because they are taught what it is and whether its bad or not.

Fast forward six year and Leilani asked me about her mustache and we dealt with it.

It's very sad that a beautiful young woman like Farrah is so insecure in herself. An even more sad that she is projecting those insecurities onto her three year old daughter.

I don't think Farrah is a bad mom. I think she is a young woman who had a lot on insecurities, got on television, had them broadcasted to the world and possibly picked some more up along the way.

Remember we are our children's keepers. It is up to us to teach them how to love themselves and to make sure we aren't-knowingly or unknowingly- projecting our insecurities on to our children. Little girls already have enough to worry about with unrealistic images of beauty being pounded into them at a young age.

What's your take?