Thursday, January 10, 2013

Can We Pretend The Fall 2012 Semester Didn't Happen?

Last semester was tough.

It was the first time I dropped a course, Leilani started the Second grade, I took a few trips to conferences and advocacy events, had to get rid of the baby sitter and had my own personal life to deal with.

My school work took a beating.
I received a 55 on an exam WITH extra credit. Ouch! I got two 70's on written assignments back to back and I never seemed to remember that I had homework in one class until about 1.5 hours before class started. I was a mess. Then I remembered that I had to get it done. I had to learn the material and I had to get it done right.

I buckled down.
I went to my professor's office hours, communicated with them my life load, sat with them and asked them questions, went to the writing center at school, did extra credit and worked my ass off.

Then grades were posted.
In one of my classes I realized my professor did not include 25 points in my overall grade calculation. The result was me receiving a B instead of an A. I emailed my professor right away and brought this to their attention. After a few emails we resolved it and I received the grade I rightfully earned.
An A, well an A-. ;)

Stand up for your work and yourself in every aspect of your life. We all work too hard not to.

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