Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Green Smootie Recipe

I love Green Smoothies. I have been drinking BoltHouses Green Machine fruit and vegetable drink for sometime. I remember my stepmom taking us down to The Village for shots of wheat grass and thinking "Is she serious?!"

However, I learned to like the taste of weird green drinks and that's why I was so thrilled when I first learned at Green Machine from Bolthouse.

I drink it right when I start feeling like I'm going to be sick and I do not get sick. I drink it whenever I want because its so good and I have even gotten Leilani to love it as much as I do.

As much as I love the juice I know it is still full of preservatives and whatever else companies do not need to put on the label. I've seen that the green smoothie has taken over social media. Everywhere you go you see a Green Smoothie, in fact I'm sure there are Tumblrs, Instagram and hashtags dedicated to this new social media craze.

I decided to make me own the other day. And after realizing my blender was leaking from the bottom, having to rush the blender cup over the sink and then putting all my ingredients into my food processor I finally had my own green smoothie!

-Rice Milk