Sunday, January 20, 2013

I Finished Jillian Michael's 30 Day Shred!

If you are part of the Teen Mom NYC Facebook community-which you should be we are all pretty awesome over there :) - then you probably noticed that the last few month of 2012 I was doing Jillian Michael's 30 day Shred. I had previously did the challenge but for some reason or another gave up. However,  I loved the DVD some much that I even gave away a copy of it before.
When I saw fellow young mom blogger Berice Baby talking about how she was starting the challenge I was inspired to start it again too.

This time around was different though.
I don't have the usual " I want to be the heathiest me I can be," "I just want to tone up," or "I need to be more active" reasons to start. Nope this time I needed to prospect of a beach! Let me explain, my friends and I have been talking about going somewhere for Spring Break 2013 and the only requirement is that the place is that the place we go needs to be on, in or around a beach. (I LOVE the beach) So I had to jump start my get sexiER mission.

I started the 30 day Challenge and did pretty good... then I didn't want to do it... then I would remind myself I HAD to and say Spring Break 13 in between grunts of pain as I kept going. I missed some days, I had to stop sometimes to keep from passing out but I DID IT!

I have since finished the 30 Day Challenge have seen and FELT-which is more important- a difference in my body and confidence. As cliche or mushy as it sounds I think that you all liking and commenting on my status updates about the challenge really helped me! Each like and comment encouraged me!

The BEST part of all of this is the 30 Day Challenge is FREE on YOUTUBE and the work outs are only 20 minutes! Less than a full show of Sponge Bob.
I will be starting Insanity soon so PLEASE, I BEG YOU, Keep encouraging me on Facebook! I have a feeling I'm going to REALLY NEED IT!
What do you do to stay active?