Friday, January 18, 2013

No Resolutions, Themes Instead

Only I would write a post about New Year's Resolutions half way through January. However, this isn't a list of 'What I Want to do This Year,' instead I have chosen themes that I want will carry with me throughout the year. I do this because there are several ways you can keep up with your theme through different modes.

This year my themes words are:
  1. Collaboration 
  2. Self Love 
Collaboration in ever sense of the word. 
I want to focus on working with others, helping one another and learning from one an other. I want to continue to make strides in creating a global community that fosters an environment where people have equitable access to creating the community and life they want for themselves. I engage with people in all walks of life and industries. 

During the last few months of 2012 I finally accepted that I have a natural gravitation towards helping people in a political setting. I have been trying to run from politics for so long however, you can't really run from what you are meant to due. 

With that being said I promise that I will try my hardest to not become overtly political in this space and hope that if and or when I do we can respectively talk about opposing points of views to better understand one another. 

Self Love because I want to continue to explore falling in love with myself. Mothers often have trouble 'getting back to being who they were before having a child.' I think that teen and young mothers have an exceptionally hard time doing this because we barely had time to "find ourselves." 

I had Leilani when I was 15. Since then I have undergone several things in life-as many people do- and we all know that when we are busy living life, being a good mom, student, wife/girlfriend and all the other complex titles we juggle as teen and young mom we do not have time to focus on ourselves. The things I do know about myself are that I love are the arts. I love dance, singing, writing things of that nature, I love being active-running, yoga all of that, and again I love being around people. Through making self love a priority I am making engaging in all of the above a priority. 

See how themes are more inclusive? Instead of saying: I'm going to take up a dance class and realistically possibly not being able to do it for whatever reason life may bring my way. I can keep my self love theme by dancing at night in my house or by going to an art museum or taking a random jog in the park. 

And instead of saying that I need to work with fifteen organization or people this year I may work with one whom can introduce me to many more and help me build more meaningful partnerships with them. 

What is your theme for the year?