Thursday, February 28, 2013

Ways to get Better Nails, Hair, and Skin in Two Months

Back in December I posted a photo on Facebook of the Biotin vitamins I had just purchased. For those of you that do not know Biotin is a vitamin for your hair, nails and skin.

Because I would love any help in all three of those departments I went down to the pharmacy and purchased two bottles of Biotin(buy one get one for the New Year!! woohoo)

I began taking the Biotin in January, now about two months later my skin looks AMAZING! My skin hasn’t ever been too much of a problem for me ever but the Biotin is helping out more than I ever imagined! My skin looks brighter, clearer, and in the cases that I forget to wash my face one night itdoesn’t get all-horrible and forbidden looking in the morning!

To be honest I do not see much of a change in my nails. They might be stronger…? Not really sure.
However, my hair. 
It looks SO GOOD. Again I don’t really take care of my hair but this Biotin is working miracles! My hair is growing, has less breakage, and shines even when it’s way past my over due wash.
If any of you are looking for skin, hair, and nail help I suggest you pick up Biotin. Come to think about it… I haven’t done a giveaway in a long time. 

Comment below and let me know if you would be interested in aBiotin and maybe face wash giveaway…?

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

It's Our Motto. What's a Motto? Nothing What's aMotto with You Kid?

I listen to you, you listen to me.

Is mine and Leilani's motto. It helps us to remember to not only to listen to each other but to also acknowledge that we both have something important to say.

Growing up I had little to no voice when it came to anything in life. I always just went along what was happening in my family. My parents and or guardians very rarely to never asked how I felt or what I wanted and I think a large part in that has to do with the way they were raised as children.

Granted I was very young and that is what a child is supposed to do, but a parent is also supposed to listen to their child, talk to their children and let them know that they value what their child has to say. By not creating a dialogue early on with our children we can not expect them to just magically come tell us all of their fears, concerns, problems, and accomplishments as teens.

I'm not sure if our motto will help create an environment where Leilani will come to me as a teenager and tell me all about her life but so far it's helped both of us to listen to one another.

Try it out and let me know how it goes.

Monday, February 25, 2013

Removing My Emotions From Decision Making

Lately I have been making more and more decisions by removing my emotional self from these decisions and it feels great!

This month I had to turn down two learning and advocacy events because of factors outside of my control. I really wanted to go to both but I couldn't and I was honestly okay with it. Sure I was disappointed but I got over it, right away.

The next decision was about getting Leilani into swimming classes. In order to get her into classes in time for the March session I would have to pay a membership fee for the center and pay for the course. I have the money, I can go ahead and pay it all but I won't.

As much as I would love to have her in swimming classes, right now spending that money is not in my best financial interest. So I decided not to do it.

Just the other day I had to decide to cut a trip down in time because I can not afford to miss more days of school.

And after trying to decide between studying in China or D. C for the Summer I choose neither.

Previously when I would have to make these types of decisions I would become upset and get down on myself for not being able to do them. I would usually text my sisters in a fit about how much of a bad mom I am, how disappointed I am, and how "it had to be done then!" However, none of the above is true.

Just because you can't do something at that very moment doesn't mean you can NEVER do it again and you suck at life. It just means you can't do it right now and you will be able to later. Live within your means in every sense of the phrase. Live within your means both financially and emotionally.

Try removing your emotional self from more decisions you have to make and see how it goes. As for me I LOVE IT!

Friday, February 22, 2013

Homemade Avocado Hair Mask Recipe

I don't really take care of my hair often at all, that's mostly the reason why I shaved my head. Life was easier with a shaved head I would just wake up and leave! However, my vanity has gotten the best of me and I want hair in my graduation photos an ill admit sometimes I miss my long tresses.

The best way to take care of any hair time is to keep it healthy and moisturized and homemade avocado hair mask are the best.

To make an avocado hair mask you will need:

  • A very ripe- basically rotten- avocado
  • Olive oil
  • Shower cap
  • A scented oil which scent you like (optional)
  • Honey (optional)
  1. Scoop the avocado out with a spoon and place into a bowl.
  2. Pour olive oil into the bowl and mash with a fork or spoon. If you have a food processor or blender you can also use that to create a super smooth hair mask.
  3. Add your scented oils and or honey for scent. Do not get stuck in thinking everything needs to be measured out. I personally like a super ripe avocado and extra oils.
  4. Apply the mask to your hair. I find that parting your hair into different sections really helps. Be sure to get your scalp too!

When you're done applying the mask place a shower cap over your hair and leave the mask in for as long as you want. Personally I prefer wrapping my hair in Saran Wrap or a plastic bag, this helps make sure the hair mask moisturizes the scalp ad hair.

When you decide to wash out your hair mask just shampoo and condition like you usually would.

Try the mask out and let me know how it goes!

Monday, February 18, 2013

How to Get Your Children to Agree to an Early Bedtime

An early bedtime can be magic! It not only helps you and your child but if you get them in bed early enough you can get alone time before bed!

My way to get Leilani into bed early is to bribe, barter and relax.

Bed time  stories: I'll tell her that if she is ready for bed at 8pm I will read her 4 books, 9pm I will only read 1 short book, and 10pm no books.

Promise the best breakfast ever! Another way I bribe her is by making a big breakfast. Generally Leilani eats cereal for breakfast so when I tell her that if she goes to bed early I'll make her pancakes with berries, orange juice and whatever else she wants the following morning she WANTS to go to bed.

Compromise: On nights that I really don't feel like reading I'll make a compromise and tell her if she's in bed before 7:30pm she can watch an episode of The Busy World of Richard Scarry.

Help them relax: Sometimes we also meditate before bed which is great or we sip on warm Egyptian Licorice Yogi Tea

Give them a massage: Leilani actually started this one. One night she decided to massage my feet for me and as a favor I massaged her back. We all know massages are great for relaxing and Tara of The Young Mommy Life goes more into how massages help her toddlers sleep.

Turn on the soothing music: sometimes this can have to opposite affect but it's still worth a try. Turn on some Nature sounds, Sade, or Sigor Ros 

What are some of the things you use to get your child into bed early?

Friday, February 15, 2013

The Types of Baby Sitters You Need

The only way I have been able to survive in the city is by having several sitters for Leilani. I have about 4 sitters and counting.

Having several sitters doesn't not mean that you pay them all at the same time. It means that you have several people you can call when you need a sitter; it also means that you have a back up baby sitter and a back up back up baby sitter.

These are some of the sitters you will need:

The high school student: this sitter you can use mostly on the weekends or evening. However, because they are in high school they want to have fun too! So let them know with extra time if you want them to watch your child and maybe sometimes they'll cancel last minute but its okay because you can call another one of your sitters. Also make sure that their parents are okay with the times and duration that their child is watching your child. Keep the parents happy and you will have a sitter.

The college student: the college student has money flexibility in their schedule and can help you during different hours and times according to the day. Keep in mind their schedule changes each semester so be sure to know their new schedules. The college student can also help during weekends and evenings just let them know before hand.

The life saver: this sitter may live closer to you. They are the ones you can call when you're going to be twenty minutes too late to get your child from school or daycare. They swoop right in and pick up your child for you. This sitter you may have to pay a bit more because they did save your life and because no one saves lives for cheap. If you want to keep a life saver you have to treat and pay them like one.

The goal keeper: the goal keeper is usually a close friend or close relative. They help you when it comes to you doing things that will advance you and your child's life. They generally know that the event/appointment you really need to attend is very important to you and can help you advance your lives. I would not have been able to attend the conferences, summits or events I did last year if it wasn't for my goal keeper. Upon letting your goal keeper know why and how this is so important to you they usually agree to watching your child right away and sometimes don't even charge because they know you so well that they know you can't really afford it and they really just want to help.

Remember that you should always keep your sitter happy! Your sitter(s) are all life savers! With out them you wouldn't be able to due half of the things you want or need to do.

Have I missed a sitter? Let me know which.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

How to Find Affordable Extra Curriculars for Your Child (and you!)

Do not let an absence of money to stop you from getting to provide you're children with extra curricular classes.
Get creative and research like mad!

Tips on how to find affordable extra curricular for your children (and you!)

  • Google FREE "____" classes in your area
  • look into community centers, local churches and local schools
  • look in your local/community paper for ads or classifieds listings
  • try coupon sites like Groupon, Living Social, Lifebooker for class packets at often times heavily discounted prices
  • ask and try as many free/trail classes before signing up
  • ask all businesses, organizations or schools of they offer scholarships or any type of student discounts

If all else fails

  • if you have a skill you can teach start your own classes! You can choose to charge or make it donation based and in teaching your own skill to other children your child can make new friends!
  • start a community league. See how many other parents and children would be interested
  • purchase a DVD of the class you would like to enroll you're child in and make your own "school" at home. Designate a day of the week and time make that the time you have dance, yoga or whatever you and your child's interest is.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

10 Tips on How To Survive as a Single Mom

These are some things that have helped me survive as a single mom.

10 Tips on How To Survive as a Single Mom. 

Get several baby sitters: This doesn't mean you'll have to pay all of them at the same time but having back up and back up back up baby sitters makes a huge difference and is very helpful!

Plan your meals: if you are working and or going to school and taking care of your little one, trying to decide what to make for dinner right before dinner is stressful. Help yourself by planning in advance.

Bed times: make and stick to a bed time. Not only will this help your child with establishing a routine but if you make their bed time early enough you can get an hour or more to yourself before you go to bed.

Clean during the week: often we put most if not all the house work off until the weekend. Stop doing that! If you clean a little every day by the time the weekend comes you won't so much left to do and you'll have more time for other things.

Build your network: we are human. We all need people to talk to, laugh with and call when we are upset or just want to hear another adult speak. You can have a virtual network- I can not begin to tell you how many amazing friendships and relationships I've made on social media. Talk to family, talk to friends, talk to people it helps and makes a huge difference. You won't feel as alone. Just remember that when building your network you're building it for two-you and your child-so have friends that can be both of your friends.

Take advantage of time you have away from your child: don't get stuck in being "just a mom" you are so much more! Leilani is in after school and it's over hours after I get out of my last class so I take advantage of it. Sometimes I do homework, sometimes I go home and start cleaning but more times than not I just do whatever I feel like doing. If you child isn't in after school see if the sitter will pick your child up from school for you once a month or as often as you can afford and take time for you!

Take advantage of time you have with your child: I find that sometimes even if Leilani and I are in the same place or house we aren't spending time together. I am trying to make a real effort to stop this. Being in the same place does not equal spending time together. Just like you, your child just wants someone to hang out with.

Don't feel bad: remove the guilt of not "having a real family," "not being able to afford everything," having cereal two nights in a row for dinner or anything else. It's OKAY! There is no such thing as a "real family," no one needs to or should be to afford EVERYTHING, and cereal is delicious and if its good enough for the most important meal of the day it's good enough for dinner. Remove the guilt and trust me you will begin to live!

Stop living like you have to prove yourself: I did this so much-still do at times- and it sucks! Its unhealthy adds to guilt and you will never live up to anyone else's expectations of you, it's impossible. Prove yourself to no one, not even yourself just live the best life you can.

Stop trying to make your child's father be a parent: this goes with the last two tips too. You can't feel bad for "choosing the wrong guy," it happens you aren't the only single mom. If your child's father isn't around sure you can and should try to include him as much as possible but you can not change anyone, you can't make them into a parent, and in trying to do those things it can only cause more problems.

I will be updating this post with links that explain how to get started on all the tips provided here so be sure to come back for more in detail tips.

Let me know what tips I have forgotten in the comments. 

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Tinker Bell is an Engineer!

You've probably read my past post explaining why I dislike The Disney Princesses. However, I have no problem giving credit where it is due so this is about something I do like about Disney!

The other day Leilani asked to watch The Tinker Bell Movie and wanted me to watch it with her. I agreed and learned a lot!

I always thought that Tinker Bell was just a fairy that really had a crush on Peter Pan, which we all knew wasn't going to go anywhere because lets face it shes super small and Wendy was in the way.
However, she's not, she's an engineer!
Yeah! An engineer!
The movie is about her not being too happy about being an unglamorous engineer or Tinker (hence the name Tinker Bell) and her wanting to be a weather fairy-or something like that. Throughout the film she tries fighting who and what she is. Ultimately she learns to love that she is, a Tinker-engineer- and saved Spring.

Leilani and I went on to watch some of the other Tinker Bell movies and enjoyed them all very much.

The old saying "You can't judge a book by its cover" is very true.
Unlike the other Disney Princess films, Tinker Bell does not have strong sexual undertones, passive females, Prince Charming or the scary ass older women in it. Quite the opposite.

All in all I give Miss. Tinker-engineer-Bell a thumbs up!