Wednesday, February 13, 2013

How to Find Affordable Extra Curriculars for Your Child (and you!)

Do not let an absence of money to stop you from getting to provide you're children with extra curricular classes.
Get creative and research like mad!

Tips on how to find affordable extra curricular for your children (and you!)

  • Google FREE "____" classes in your area
  • look into community centers, local churches and local schools
  • look in your local/community paper for ads or classifieds listings
  • try coupon sites like Groupon, Living Social, Lifebooker for class packets at often times heavily discounted prices
  • ask and try as many free/trail classes before signing up
  • ask all businesses, organizations or schools of they offer scholarships or any type of student discounts

If all else fails

  • if you have a skill you can teach start your own classes! You can choose to charge or make it donation based and in teaching your own skill to other children your child can make new friends!
  • start a community league. See how many other parents and children would be interested
  • purchase a DVD of the class you would like to enroll you're child in and make your own "school" at home. Designate a day of the week and time make that the time you have dance, yoga or whatever you and your child's interest is.